Chiefs Superfan Nick Wright Inks ‘Never a Doubt’ for Undefeated Dream


Fox Sports 1 personality Nick Wright is so confident that the Chiefs will go undefeated that he got a tattoo to commemorate the potential feat.

Fox Sports 1 personality Nick Wright prides himself on being fearlessly authentic. He insists his opinions are not played up for ratings, despite some fans thinking otherwise. So when he declares USC’s Caleb Williams as already being one of the five best quarterbacks in the game today (pro or college) or lists Michael Jordan as the third-greatest basketball player of all time, he appears to stand by it wholeheartedly.

Many fans will undoubtedly interpret his latest assertion as blind faith rather than genuine belief. The First Things First co-host predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs, still without Chris Jones, would finish the year as undefeated Super Bowl champions. To show that he is not merely playing up to the camera, Wright commemorated the potential historic feat by tattooing the words “Never a Doubt” on his forearm.

That is beyond dedication. Those who have been closely following the Kansas City, Missouri native know all too well of his Chiefs super fandom and deep infatuation with QB Patrick Mahomes. Considering how dominant KC has been in the AFC over the last several years, it has been difficult to question his objectivity. Head coach Andy Reid led the team to its second title in four years, shifting the focus towards a dynasty.

Chief’s schedule is no picnic.

However, few would reasonably predict a 20-0 campaign in this loaded conference. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only franchise to celebrate an undefeated season (14-0), but if a highly bold prediction holds, the Chiefs would stand alone with the best perfect record ever. There are obstacles galore, though.

Following Thursday’s season opener against the Detroit Lions should be no breeze—a Week 2 road game against the Jacksonville Jaguars can’t be overlooked either. If Mahomes and company survive those battles, the Aaron Rodgers-led and defensively-stout New York Jets will wait two weeks later. Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers are often a tough test. And you can’t just gloss over the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

Calling this a miracle might be too strong given the calibre of talent leading this KC squad, but there is a high chance Nick Wright is forced to regret this decision. And, unfortunately, he would bear a permanent reminder of his supreme show of confidence.

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