City Ink Tattoo Store, Owned by Ex-Mongols Bikie Toby Mitchell and AFL Star Jake King, Closes

After nine years, a tattoo parlor that once belonged to an infamous ex-bikie who was sprayed by bullets is closing.

City of Ink in South Melbourne was opened in 2014 by Toby Mitchell and Jake King. They are former Tigers players Jake King and Toby Mitchell.

The closure ends the chequered history that the parlor has had. In 2018, a rival Comanchero Biker shot the parlor during a drive-by shooting.

King, a Richmond player from 2007-2014, announced Tuesday the closure of his tattoo parlor via the Facebook page.

City of Ink, in South Melbourne, owned by former Mongols member Toby Mitchell, and ex Tigers footy star Jake King (pictured), opened in 2014 but will close its doors for good on Thursday.
City of Ink in South Melbourne was opened in 2014 by Toby Mitchell (ex-Mongols player) and Jake King, ex-Tigers football star, but it will shut its doors on Thursday.
Back in July, 2018, City of Ink was hit with at least five bullets across the shopfront and door in a drive-by shooting just before 2am
In July 2018, the City of Ink received at least five bullets on the shopfront, door, and window in a drive-by shootout just before 2 am.

“July 6 will be the last day we are in the studio, and the doors will close. He said it had been a great journey and a wonderful life experience.

“Toby, my staff, and I want to thank everyone for their support, including family members, friends, and every customer who has ever come in, regardless of how small or large the tattoo is.

“All of our staff members have moved to new places. Please visit their pages, contact them, and keep getting tattoos.

Many thanks and much love.

In July 2018, the City of Ink received at least five bullets on the shopfront, including the door. This was a result of a drive-by shooter just before 2 am.

The shop was closed then, and nobody was injured during the shooting carried out by two men, Yahya Aboueid and Mustafa Yuksel.

Aboueid received a 36-month order of community corrections with 240 unpaid hours, while Yuksel received a 30-month order with 27 days served.

Mitchell was the Victorian President of the Mongols when he left the club last April.

He has survived two attempts on his life, having been gunned down outside of Doherty’s Gym in Brunswick in 2011.

Toby Mitchell often hits Instagram with celebrity influencers, such as Tammy Hembrow (pictured)
Toby Mitchell is often seen on Instagram with celebrities like Tammy Hembrow.

Mitchell, then aged 37, had been at the top of his fear-giving game after a brutal career as a Melbourne kickboxer.

In the failed assassination, he was struck three times in his hip and on the back.

During the brutal attack, Mitchell lost his kidney, gall bladder, and a portion of his liver. The crime has not been solved to date.

Mitchell was wounded in 2013 while still recovering after the Brunswick shooting.

Mitchell thought he was on solid ground again.

He was unaware that a hit team had been tracking him.

Mitchell’s car was peppered with bullets from gunmen driving two vehicles.

Mitchell was only hit by one bullet out of 30 found later at the scene.

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