Courteney Cox and longtime best friend Laura Dern get matching tattoos with their respective kids

Courteney Cox, Laura Dern, and their children get matching tattoos

Courteney Cox’s Social media went wild when she shared that she had matching tattoos with her. longtime pal Laura Dern A new social media post was published on Wednesday.

Friends star, 58, was inked with the phrase “Go Long” and a paper plane to different parts of their bodies.

‘Adding another layer to our 16-year-old legacy Christmas Eve tradition. Watch out… we might have sleeves by 2025,’ the Scream star joked in her Instagram caption.

Inked! Courteney Cox sent social media into a frenzy as she revealed she got a matching tattoos with her longtime pal Laura Dern in a new social media post on Wednesday

Inked! Courteney cox sent social media reeling when she shared that she had gotten matching tattoos from Laura Dern, her longtime pal.

The images show the families hugging in front of a wooden and glass panel door while they wrap their arms around one another.

The second photo featured Dern flaunting her while she stood between Jaya Harper, 18, and Ellery Harper 21.

Coco, Cox’s 18-year-old daughter, was pictured to the right. Her mom held her arm and held it up, sporting the same design as her friend.  

Like family: The Friends star, 58, and 55-year-old Oscar winner's respective children, who have known each other since they were toddlers, also got inked with the phrase 'Go long' and a paper airplane to various parts of their bodies

Like family: Friends’ star, 58-year-old Oscar winner, and his 55-year-old children have been friends since childhood. They also got inked with the phrase “Go long” and a paper plane to different parts of their bodies.

It is not known if there is any sentimental meaning behind the tattoo.

Under the mother-of-one’s post, Reese Witherspoon commented: ‘Love it!’

Cox, Dern and their family tradition to spend Christmas Eve together has been documented for over two decades.

Growing up together: A year ahead of the pandemic, Courteney shared an image with Laura and the kids on Christmas Eve

Growing up together: Courteney shared a photo with Laura and the children on Christmas Eve, a year before the pandemic.

Kids: At the time, she also shared a throwback snap of Coco and Ellery

Children: Ellery and Coco shared a throwback picture at the same time.

The actresses have a strong bond that should not be surprising as they hang out with Rita Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, and Chris McMillan (another long-time hairstylist for Aniston).

Coco is shared by Cox and her husband, David Arquette. They split in 2013, after 14 years of marriage.

Dern had both her children with her former spouse, Ben Harper.

Throwback: Back in 2019, Cox shared a throwback pic of a young Coco and Ellery from seemingly one of the first years of their Christmas Eve get-togethers

Throwback: Cox shared a throwback photo of Ellery and Coco in 2019. It is from a time when they were still together, but it was probably one of their first Christmas Eve gatherings.

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