Daniel calls gran who celebrated 85th birthday with a tattoo!

Daniel O’Donnell was so impressed with 85 year old Rita Fitzpatrick that he called her – after she got a tattoo on her 85th birthday.

Wicklow woman Rita took a day trip to Dublin with her daughter Sam, granddaughter Hazel and other family members to celebrate the occasion. She came back with a tattoo in her arm

“I wouldn’t normally be the type of person to get a tattoo – I wouldn’t dream of it!” she laughed. “It was all my daughter Sam’s idea – she tricked me into it,” laughed Rita.

Sam explained to her mother that tattoos were meant to raise awareness and funds for The JC Foundation. This mental health charity was established after John Connolly, the founder of The Ink Factory, committed suicide at 33.

But while the love heart tattoo was touching, she was even mopre touched when her favourite singer Daniel O’Donnell called her.

Rita said “I also got a phone call from Daniel O’Donnell. He wished me happy birthday and thanked me for the tattoo.

“I’m a huge fan of Daniel for years and I was absolutely thrilled to bits, I don’t mind telling you!”

As for whether she’ll be getting any more ink in future, she says “never say never”.

Maybe Daniel could be seen on the other arm.

Photo courtesy of JC Foundation.

Daniel calls Gran who celebrated her 85th birthday with a Tattoo! Last modified: January 11, 2023 By Staff writer

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