Doja Cat fans concerned over the new tattoo speculate Illuminati connection

Doja Cat fans worry about her soul and well-being.

It is important to note that “you” means “you.” Planet Her Singer posted on her social media about a new tattoo. While some may call it epic, others fear something more sinister could be in the works.

The 27-year-old revealed her full-back design which is the skeleton of a gigantic bat.

It’s an eerie picture, and her comments section is wild.

One person said, “Bruh, just say that u are in the Illuminati now or some of us.”

Another person added: “No offense, but it looks like satanic!”

Another wrote: “‘Symbols for initiation into the Illuminati …”

The fourth quip: “Her soul has gone forever.”

Doja displayed a creature that looked like it was attached to her arm only a few weeks before.

The singer described its meaning to avoid any further negative comments about her new bat tattoo.

She wrote a message saying: “Bats are often a symbol of death, in that they represent letting go and bringing the new in.

They are symbols of transition and initiation. A new beginning is being made.

You can rest assured that she isn’t promoting satanism or joining the Illuminati.

Now, relax.

This year, some have claimed that A-list artists are promoting conspiracy theories.

After Beyoncé’s incredible performance in Dubai at the start of the year, some people believed she referenced the Illuminati throughout the concert.

A masked person helped the artist change her costume before she was raised to a podium.

The moment came during the final act, as Beyoncé sang her classic track ‘Drunk in Love’ as fireworks lit up the sky behind her.

At one point in her performance, she raised her hands into a triangle in the air, and people sprang on it.

Others also claimed that her stage set-up was in a manner that alluded to her membership in the Illuminati.

Maybe the whole thing was just silly. As some people pointed out, she could have been making a symbol of a diamond in her song Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

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