Gen Z Tattoo Regrets Surge: TikTokers Share Warnings and Insights on Permanent Ink Choices

Millennials, reportedly essentially the most tattooed generation in Western society, are taking to TikTok to share their tattoo regrets with members of Gen Z, lest they too develop as much as rue their ink.

Although 13% of child boomers and 32% of Gen X-ers sport tattoos, following a 2022 YPulse examination, millennials at present carry the title of essentially the most tattooed era, with over 50% having at the very least one tattoo (by the identical examine, 7 in 10 say they’ve multiple).

Nonetheless, contemplating that the hashtag #tattooregret boasts over 71.4 million views, it will seem that lots of these millennials are wishing they’d by no means gone below the tattoo gun — or at the very least made completely different design decisions.

Now they’re utilizing social media to warn the following era not to comply with their footsteps.


The minimum age for tattoos should be 25 i said what i said 👁️👄👁️ I love the idea of tattoos but i don’t love most of mine tbh 🥲 bin meee #tattooremoval #tattooregret #tattooregrets #tattoosleeveremoval #itwasaphase #grwm

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Gen Z is rapidly on its technique to taking the title of most tattooed era away from millennials. By Tattooing 101, as of 2021, 23% of those born between 1997 and 2012 had a tattoo, with 19% having multiple.

“Contemplating the truth that Era Z is comprised of younger individuals and lots of them aren’t 18, but we’re anticipating this share to skyrocket within the subsequent few years,” the website states.

However, now, with the assistance of TikTok, millennials like @leahbbeth are warning Gen Z-ers that the tattoo design they love right this moment could be one they despise years down the highway.

“The minimal age for tattoos ought to be 25. I stated what I stated 👁️👄👁️,” she writes in her caption.

In her video, she explains that whereas many individuals tried to warn her not to get tattoos, she didn’t pay attention. “There is one thing to be stated about mind improvement and choice-making,” she says.

“Once I let you know that one thing simply switched in my little head about one month earlier than my twenty-fifth birthday. Like, I awakened in the future and used to be like, ‘What have I performed?’ I’m cringing the eff out regarding most of my tattoos.”


Oops I regret all my tattoos 🥲 I might do another video listing all the other reasons but so far none of them involve my tattoos aging (which is what dudes used to always tell me) they just don’t match who I am now and my girly/feminine aesthetic. Will you regret your tattoos when you’re my age? Maybe! #CapCut #tattooregret #tattooregrets #feminineaesthetic #girlyaesthetic

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One other TikToker, @saraovershares, additionally aired her private tattoo regrets.

“Think about, if you’ll, that you just put a shirt on as soon as if you had been in your 20s, and now it’s a must to put on that for the remainder of your life,” she says in her video. “That’s what it feels prefer to get closely tattooed earlier than you flip into a completely developed grownup human.”

Her video — captioned “Oops, I remorse all my tattoos 🥲” — explains that although many of her tattoos suited her life and aesthetic when she was in her 20s, now that she’s 36, she does not identify with them.

Whereas many millennials opt for “macro” tattoos — massive, intricate designs with pops of color — tattoo consultants say Gen Z is all about micro tattoos.

“One of many largest developments in tattoo design for Gen Z is micro tattoos,” writes Tattooing 101. “These tiny tattoos, often smaller than 1 / 4, are delicate and straightforward to cover. A few typical tiny tattoos seen with Gen Z are hearts, stars, butterflies, animals, or small symbols associated with their life.”


#duet with @tpwkegg #tattooregret #tattoo #fail #fyp

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Do brains work differently after the age of 25?

By the College of Rochester, those over 25 suppose with the prefrontal cortex, the mind’s rational half.

“That is the part of the mind that responds to conditions with common sense and a consciousness of long-term penalties,” researchers clarify.

These below the age of 25 courses of info with the amygdala — the emotional part of the mind.

Nonetheless, by the Guardian, 35% of People get their first tattoo between the ages of 15 and 19 — that means they’re making this choice with the assistance of their amygdala.


Anyone else have #tattooregret #tattoos #emokid #elderemo #30 #millenial #imoutherelivingtho #scenekid #RufflesOwnYourRidges

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Many TikTokers have taken to the feedback part to specify their tattoo remorse — or their aid at not having gone below the gun.

“I’m a tattoo artist and in addition want the minimal age was 25 a lot of the time,” commented @pennygrit.

“I wished for tattoos SO BAD at 15-18 y/o, and now I’m 24 and so thrilled I by no means did it. I’m cringing taking a look at my Inspo tattoos,” wrote @cldhrdtrth666.

“I waited till I used to be 30 to start out getting tattoos- so relieved! A few of my mate’s tattoos are ROUGH. I even have $ for high-quality artists!” commented @strawberryvino.

By Inked Thoughts, it’s essential for individuals — irrespective of age — to consider carefully before getting a tattoo.

“The worst factor that may occur by being ready for the precise time is ready,” the positioning advises. “The worst factor that may occur for those who select the mistaken tattoo is having to dwell along with your pores and skin disfigured by a drawing you hate.”

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