Greg O’Shea The Ironman Triumph and Ink Celebration


Irish athlete and former Rugby 7s star Greg O’Shea proudly displayed his latest ink after completing the grueling Ironman marathon last week. This remarkable achievement involved conquering a formidable race encompassing a 3.8km swim, a challenging 180km bike ride, and culminating with a full marathon (42km). Greg completed this arduous event in just over 12 hours.

It’s a well-established tradition that Ironman participants commemorate their remarkable feat with a tattoo of the Ironman logo, characterized by a dot placed above an ‘M,’ signifying the strength and endurance required to conquer this ultimate triathlon. In keeping with this tradition, Greg chose to have the Ironman logo tattooed on his right calf.

Greg delighted his followers on social media by revealing his fresh Ironman tattoo alongside his Olympic ring tattoo on his left calf. This Olympic ring tattoo is another tradition among athletes representing their countries in the Olympics, as Greg did when he participated in the Rugby 7s during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


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Greg expressed his gratitude and satisfaction in his celebratory post: “Dream come true – Olympian & Ironman. In my opinion, ” tattoo by @stephen_doyle_tattoo is the best fine line artist around.”

greg gf 2
Greg finished the race in 12 hours, seven minutes, and eight seconds, admitting that he doubted himself before eventually training for it. Pic: Instagram/JeanniMulder.

The tattoo drew admiration and congratulatory messages from his followers, including the well-known duo Jedward, who hailed him as a “fitness king.” Greg’s girlfriend, Jeanni Mulder, showed her immense pride, commenting, “Absolutely love it!!!! So proud of you.” Even Maia Dunphy playfully chimed in, humorously suggesting that Greg’s next tattoo should be “the Six O’Clock Show logo on your a**e.”

Greg further celebrated his Ironman achievement with a heartwarming Instagram post featuring a photograph of himself and Jeanni after the triumph. In his caption, he candidly shared his pre-race anxiety and the dedication he poured into his preparation: “I can’t believe I’m able to say this… I’m an Ironman.”

As Greg confessed, he was nervous about the challenge and questioned his ability to complete it. Still, his determination led him to pursue this lifelong ambition of participating in a full-distance Ironman. He emphasized Jeanni Mulder’s and his family’s invaluable support during the rigorous training and preparation phase.

Equally impressed by Greg’s incredible feat, Jeannie shared her heartfelt congratulations with a touching tribute. She celebrated Greg’s monumental accomplishment, highlighting the substantial distances covered in the race and the remarkable 12 hours, 7 minutes, and 8 seconds it took him to achieve this milestone. Jeanni expressed her unwavering belief in him, emphasizing that she never doubted his ability.

greg gf
Greg completed the race last week, with his girlfriend Jeanni paying a lovely tribute to her man following the massive feat. Pic: Instagram/JeanniMulder.

She further described the emotions and pride surrounding the event, acknowledging the hard work and dedication that Greg’s inner circle had witnessed. Jeannie was deeply inspired by her partner and felt privileged to be part of his incredible journey, concluding with a heartfelt message of gratitude.

Greg O’Shea’s incredible journey from a Rugby 7s star to an Ironman inspires athletes and fans alike. His unwavering determination and dedication have led him to conquer new horizons, showcasing that anyone can achieve their dreams with the right mindset and support.

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