I got a tattoo of my dog and I loved it – but trolls thought it was something VERY rude that I’d never noticed before

A WOMAN was shocked when her sweet tattoo in memory of her dog looked cruder than cute.

Owner AbiFrom Ontario, Canada, a woman decided to show her love for Bear by inking his paw on her skin.

Abi was left mortified when she found out how people view her tattoo
Abi was shocked to learn how others view her tattoo.Credit: tiktok/@eclecticxhippie
The 21-year-old got an inking of her dog's paw - but social media users said it looked more crude than cute
The 21-year-old received inking on her dog’s paw. However, social media users pointed out that it looked less cute than it actually was.Credit: tiktok/@eclecticxhippie

21-year-old photographer chose to have a detailed design drawn on her forearm from the Great Pyrenees intricately patterned paw.

But she chose to place the tattoo so she could have a great view of it. She is now questioning this decision.

Abi left the inking salon happy with her work. But her aunt soon reminded her of the reality of her pawful tattoo.

She shared the following with her TikTok followers: “One of these days, I went to my aunt’s house. She was staring at me for a long time and finally asked why I had a tattoo depicting a hedgehog.

“But it wasn’t me, it’s my dog’s foot.”

The 21-year-old showed the tattoo from her point of view, giving viewers a chance see the inking on Bear’s fluffy paw.

She said, “But apparently, if I turn the it around, it looks as a terrible, horrible hedgehog!”

Abi showed the tattoo then from another angle, flipping the meticulous design upside down.

The inking’s darker areas now look like animal features, while the furry outline looks more like a hedgehog’s sharp spines.

However, some users on social media pointed out that it looks very crude too.

One of the commenters up-front claimed that the tattoo was the double of a “gorilla’s backside”. Abi was horrified at the way her tribute to Bear went.

She shared her story with the Daily Star“He was a Great Pyrenees mixed in Maremma. His coolest patterns were so I took one picture and brought it with me to my tattoo artist.

“I was shocked because nobody had ever said it.” [the tattoo looked like a hedgehog] And I haven’t seen it this way.

“Then I started to wonder how many people, or strangers, have seen my tattoo. I assumed it was a hedgehog but never said anything.

“Another person commented saying it looks like a gorilla’s backside but I can’t see that.”

One TikToker commented about the clip, “It kinda seems like Rafiki from The Lion King drew an koala.”

Another commented, “It really looks like a cute hedgehog. It also has a gorgeous paw. It’s a win-win situation for both of you!

And a third added: “It kinda looks like a gorilla‘s ass. Are you the only one who thinks so? Lol it’s super cute tho.”

Despite being teased by trolls about her, the photographer claims she still loves the artwork. It reminds her of Bear when she was a puppy.

She continued, “Bear is bigger now and has paws that are larger. His spots have disappeared and he’s pure black. So I’m happy I managed to nail it with his unique patterns.

“I have no plans to change it. It’s very unique, and I love that it can be reverted or double-inked.

We have previously shared how the dog owner was left red-faced after she had been abused by her pet. told the tattoo of her Doberman looked like a “butt”.

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Another woman was furious to discover that the inking on her dog’s paw print looked more like a raccoon.

And this Reddit user was mocked after people compared the massive tiger tattoo on his back to a penis and testicles.

Abi's aunt pointed out her inking looked more like a hedgehog - while another person said it resembled a 'gorilla's butt'
Abi’s aunt said that her inking looked more like a hedgehog, while another person claimed it looked more like a “gorilla’s stomach”.Credit: tiktok/@eclecticxhippie
The sweet tribute to Bear went awkwardly wrong thanks to the positioning of it
Its positioning meant that the sweet tribute to Bear was awkwardly misplacedCredit: tiktok/eclecticxhippie

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