Is Kamal’s daughter having so much love for God?

Does Kamal’s Daughter Love God So Much?

Shruti Haasan is the daughter of actor Kamal Haasan. She has a tattoo that shows her devotion to God. Shruti Haasan is the older daughter of actor Kamal Haasan. She has many talents, just like her father. Shruti began her career as a singer. She then became a music director and is now a leading actress. Shruti Hasan is currently focusing her efforts on Telugu. She has performed in many languages, including Tamil and Telugu. Walter Veeraiya and Veerasimha Reddy were his last two Telugu films, released in January during the Pongal holidays. They became blockbuster hit movies and earned more than Rs 100 crore. A big-budget Telugu film called Salaar, with her acting, is currently being produced.

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Prashant Neel, a director of films, directs Salazar. In addition to this, Shruti has also acted in Bollywood films. In this instance, she has a tattoo on her back. Shruti shared the pictures on her social media pages and revealed why she got the tattoo.

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She had already tattooed ‘Shruti,’ in Tamil, on her back. Now, she has Murugan’s Veil. She stated that she had always believed in God. Murugan holds a special place for her. She got a tattoo to prove it. She has always been devoted to God. This tattoo, Shruti Haasan says, gives her power and reminds her to be humble and safe.

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