Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Romantic Valentine’s Day Tattoos


Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Ben Affleck each have new ink!

Fifty-three years old, Lopez shared his Valentine’s Day experience with Affleck (50) by getting complimentary tattoos.

Lopez shared the following photos: Shotgun Wedding actress showing off her new tattoo — an infinity sign with the names “Jennifer” and “Ben” written in cursive. Lopez is also seen with the symbol at the center.

Lopez shared another photo of Affleck’s brand-new ink. The Air The actor’s tattoo shows two arrows crossing each other. You can see the letter “J” above the crossed Arrows.

Lopez also included some funny photos of the pair, including one where Lopez shows Affleck and Lopez performing a famous scene from Jennifer from the Block’s 2002 song video “Jenny from the Block.” In that picture, Affleck is seen with his hand on his wife’s famous derrière as she smiles.

“Commitment ♾️ Happy Valentine’s Day, my love ?” Lopez captioned the photos, teasing that she would share more details shortly in her The J Lo newsletter.

She added the hashtags: “#CommitmentIsSexy #ThisIsUsThen #ThisIsUsNow #ThisIsMeNow.”

Lopez and Affleck walked down the aisle at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas just before midnight on July 16, months after revealing their engagement in April.

Lopez revealed last month that Lopez and Affleck almost went in a different direction.

Lopez said he planned to marry in Savannah, Georgia, in August. Lopez said, “The family would attend; everyone’s there, and it was stressful.” Jimmy Kimmel Live She was promoting her movie Shotgun Wedding.

“A month ago, and I don’t think you guys know this, but 20 years back, we were supposed to get married,” she joked about her engagement to the actor in 2002.

Kimmel laughed and said, “I heard it.” Kimmel said, “I read that.” Kimmel joked about the couple’s split days before their September 2003 nuptials.

“It was all going down back then and was even worse this time. I had PTSD and asked myself, “Is this happening?” Lopez said.

“We were so happy, and it was happening. But I felt so stressed that Ben suggested, “F—it! Let’s get married tonight in Vegas.” ”

“I was like, “This crazy, how are they doing it?” Lopez claimed Lopez was shocked that Affleck managed everything. Lopez assured Lopez that everything would be fine.

Kimmel said, “So then, you get onto a Spirit Airlines plane,” Lopez chuckled.

Lopez claimed that July’s marriage was “the most important day of our lives” for the Oscar winner.

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