Lady Gaga’s Extraterrestrial Tattoo Collection: A Glimpse into Her Out-of-This-World Body Art

Lady Gaga often shows glimpses of her stunning and profoundly personal tattoo collection. As fascinating as the artist, each of her twenty-four tattoos holds a unique and sometimes profound meaning.

Lady Gaga and her father made a pact before she became the decorated diva that we love today – all of her tattoos were to be on the left side. She told Rolling Stone that her father asked her to keep one side of her body ordinary.

Her father believes her right side is Marilyn Monroe, and she left her Iggy Pop. Gaga has a fascinating inky history, which includes floral designs and heartfelt tributes.

Lady Gaga showcases her trumpet tattoo
Lady Gaga reveals her trumpet Tattoo.

In her right bicep is a trumpet designed by Tony Bennett and her friend, which she wore in a social media post. This trumpet represents their musical connection.

Little Monsters fans also have a place under her armpit with an enormous paw. It’s the Monster Paw – the symbol of all my fans. Gaga explained that she treasures the symbol for its meaning. “It represents our loyalty, devotion and strength,” Gaga stated.

The word “Haus”, the team responsible for her signature looks and Haus of Gaga’s tenth anniversary, is inscribed on her left hand. Each of Gaga’s unique tattoos perfectly combines personal meaning and professional accomplishment. They are a testament to her fierce individuality and creative spirit.

 Lady Gaga has over 24 tattoos
Lady Gaga has more than 24 tattoos.

Gaga chose to wear a peace symbol on her left wrist in 2006 as a sign of her admiration for John Lennon. She revealed this connection in her acceptance speech of the LennonOno Grant For Peace, 2012, when she pledged to “commit to breeding compassion through my voice.”

Gaga is known to love daisies. The cluster of three daisies tattooed onto her left shoulder in 2008 was a tribute to her affection for the flower.

Lady Gaga's tattoo on her left wrist
Lady Gaga’s tattoo left wrist.

The words “Tokyo Love”, emblazoned onto her left arm, signify a strong bond she formed with Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki during a joint visit to Japan in 2009. Rainer Maria Ridke’s quote, which is a testimony to her love of writing and a testament to her journey, can be seen on her left shoulder.

The date “12/18/1974”, tucked into her Rilke quotation, is a poignant tribute paid to her aunt Joanne Stefani Germanotta. Joanne’s early death due to lupus deeply affected Gaga and her family. Gaga stated, “What Joanne left behind was a lot of loss and tragedy for my family.”

A ‘dad’ in the form of a heart is a permanent tattoo on her left thigh, as a thank you to her father, Joe Germanotta, for his successful heart operation in 2009. In homage to her father, Joe Germanotta, a ‘dad’ inside a heart adorns her body, expressing her gratitude for his successful heart surgery in 2009.

Her tattoos tell not just her personal story but also the history of her career. Inked on her left arm, the title of her album “Artpop,” released in 2012, was announced on Instagram under the caption “New tattoo, new album.” A tattoo of an anchor under her left armpit was inked on her during the “Born This Way tour.” It symbolised her relationship with Taylor Kinney, her boyfriend at the time.

Gaga has a David Bowie tattoo
Gaga’s David Bowie tattoo

A cherub is inked on the back of Gaga’s throat as a tribute to her Italian heritage. It was inked in 2012 during the launch of her Fame fragrance at the Guggenheim Museum. On the left side, she has a tribute to Rio de Janeiro. This shows the power music can have in uniting people of different backgrounds.

A cartoon mouse holds a needle and thread on the left side of her arm. This honours Natali, who was affectionately called “Mouse”. Natali’s love of fashion is beautifully captured in this unique design.

Lady Gaga shows one of her tattoos as she arrives at the Ritz Carlton hotel
Lady Gaga is wearing a tattoo as she enters the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

A portrait of David Bowie, an iconic performer, is adorning her left hip. It’s a touching tribute to a true musician who has deeply influenced her. She also wears a symbol of support, designed by Jackie Lin – a survivor of sexual assault – on her left shoulder. This is a testament to the activism she has done and her advocacy for survivors.

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