Local Tattoo Studio Trilogy Atelier Welcomes Guest Artist Gee Nk

Trilogy Atelier Gee Nk will host an international Tattooer!

TrilogyAtelier 2

She describes her style as avantgarde tattooing, or a combination of color realism, new school, and traditional. People will travel from all over the country to be tattooed by her unique style, which has attracted attention. She will be tattooing the first time on U.S. soil, despite having previously worked overseas. Later in the year, she will travel to Mexico and Paris. Trilogy’s mission is to serve as a hub for both local and international artists and to bring extraordinary talent to D.C.


Trilogy was opened August 5th and already has hosted a wide range of talented people! Natalia Struk (oil painter and tattooer) specializes in black-gray realism. However, her art resembles 19th century impressionist art. Maria Miller is a local tattoo artist who has been doing tattoos for just over a year. Her portfolio surpasses those of experienced artists. Both her art and her tattoos reflect her dark and mysterious personality.


Fabio Sueko (a Brazilian artist) is the latest addition to Trilogy. Fabio loves portrait work, but can master and execute many techniques. Pedro Garcia is a D.C. native and loves Black Grey realism, but can be adapted to all techniques. Lola Ruiphaez will join the team in November. She is a micro-realism and fine line artist who adds femininity to her works.

TrilogyAtelier 2

Trilogy plans to expand its range of offerings with lectures and exhibits in the near future. More information is available at www.trilogy.org www.trilogyatelier.com.

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