Love Island star Dami Hope’s fans all say same thing as he brings mum for her first tattoo

LOVE Island star Dami Hope left his followers in stitches with a funny video of his mum.

Bukola, his reality TV star, went to Bukola’s first ever tattoo appointment earlier this week.

Dami Hope left his fans in stitches with a hilarious TikTok video of his mum
Dami Hope had his fans laughing with his TikTok video about his mum.Credit: David M. Benett / Getty Images
Dami Hope's mum Bukola got her first ever tattoo
Bukola Hope, Dami Hope’s mom, got her first ever tattooCredit: TikTok

The 26 year-old posted her experiences on TikTok.

In the video, his mom and him took a taxi from their home to the studio.

Dami She was asked what she felt and she responded, “I’m both excited and afraid at once.”

Bukola chose a design featuring her children’s names and decided to wear it on her forearm.

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Before she sat down to get her tattoo, the New Ross native was shaken.

Dami held onto his mum’s hand as the artist started tattooing her skin.

He laughed at all of the facial expressions Bukola pulled off during the process.

Dami’s mother was happy to hear that Dami was receiving a “birthday present” from her.

Fans of the Wexford native were in stitches as they laughed at the video, and many commented on how sweet it was.

Olivia said: “The faces she’s pulling!”

Dami replied: “Bro I couldn’t stop laughing.”

One fan wrote, “Your moms are so cute, bless!”

Another commentator commented, “This is very healthy.”

Onyi said: “She’s so damn gorgeous, didn’t stop smiling once. She is a blessing.


This is after Indiyah and Dami Polak made the outrageous request of some of their fans.

Since their first meeting on Love Island in early this year, the couple have been together for years.

Since then, their relationship has grown stronger and they have been open about their time together.

Tolly T and Tolly T discussed this on the Bumble podcast. They also shared some of their bizarre requests from fans.


The podcast host asked, “Are there many strange request for anything?”

Dami then asked him: “What does that mean?”

Tolly stated, “Just like fans wanting to see you guys be strange together.”

Dami said, “What’s your opinion on sex tapes?” They are very interested in our sex tapes. They promised to pay.

Indiyah confirmed the statement: “That’s just the strangest.”

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Tolly declared: “That’s insane.”

Indiyah said, “Yeah, that’s quite crazy.”

Dami Hope's fans all thought his video was 'so cute'
Fans of Dami Hope thought that his video was “so cute”Credit: TikTok

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