Malavika Jayaram’s Heartwarming Bond with Pet Dog Messi Jayaram Parvathy

Malavika Jayaram has tattooed her pet dog’s picture on her arm. She shared a touching note on social networking sites to mourn the loss of her pet. It took me some time to gather the courage to do this. I cannot imagine walking into the house without seeing and hearing your friendly tail wag. Messi, you weren’t just our pet dog. You have left a hole that will never be filled in our hearts. Sleep peacefully. I promise that we will one day meet in a different world. I promise not to leave you. Sleep, my angel, until then,” wrote Malavika on her Facebook page. She also shared pictures of Messi.

Malavika kept to her word and got the face of Messi tattooed on her forearm. The tattoo includes Messi’s birth date, a heart symbol, and a Messi tattoo. A tattoo of an infinity sign has also been added. Jayaram Parvathy Kalidas has also posted poignant posts on social media to remember Messi.

“I don’t know how to express myself.” You entered my life at just 40 days of age. Your love was unconditional, and it touched my heart. Your mischief and stubbornness will be missed. God gave me you as my youngest son. I don’t even know how I would live without you. This house will never look the same. Now, you will shine brighter than any star in the heavens. You can be happy and mischievous wherever you go. Rest in peace, my dear Messi. Parvathy wrote: “Amma, Appa Chakki, and Kannan send you lots of kisses.

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