Maya Jama and Pals Unveil Quirky Matching Tattoos in Ultimate Friendship Gesture


Love Island sensation Maya Jama has taken the concept of squad goals to a new level by revealing matching tattoos with two of her closest friends. The TV host shared the latest ink addition on her Instagram Stories, showcasing crossed wrists adorned with playful cartoon faces. The caption, “For life gang,” underlines these friends’ everlasting bond.

In a departure from the usual celebrity tattoo fare, Maya and her pals opted for lighthearted designs that feature mischievous tongues sticking out—the shared experience of getting inked symbolises their enduring friendship and camaraderie.

Maya Jama, known for her vibrant personality and candid storytelling, recently shared a rather amusing anecdote on an episode of Love Island Games. In a candid moment, she recounted a wardrobe mishap involving strings on a dress and an unfortunate encounter with a Portaloo.

maya jama instagram stories
Maya Jama Instagram//Instagram

“I had these strings on this dress and went in a Portaloo… They dripped in the loo, but I didn’t realise. I went upstairs and realised I could smell [excrement]. What the f**k is going on?’ Yep, there was [excrement] on my strings. How mad – I thought one of the girls farted, but it was me. To confirm, the bit with the [excrement] on it got cut off,” Maya humorously shared with the contestants.

Beyond the entertaining tales and shared tattoos, Maya Jama has been making waves as the host of Love Island, a role she embraced in 2022. Reflecting on her journey to becoming a sought-after presenter, Maya acknowledged the timing of her breakthrough.

Maya Jama, Offensive tweet
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“Once you start doing TV, you meet a lot of producers through different shows, and the heads will be aware of talent. It’s weird to call yourself talent. I talk for a living. It’s not exactly tap dancing everywhere or performing a ballad,” she explained. “So I think I’ve always been in their eyeline, but I was super young when the presenter shifts were happening in the past. They knew about me, but I was always a bit too young, and obviously, there were previous hosts anyway.”

Maya’s revelation of the matching tattoos adds a personal touch to her public persona, showcasing the importance of friendship and shared experiences. The quirky and unconventional designs reflect the spontaneity and joy that define Maya Jama’s approach to life.

As Maya continues to entertain audiences on Love Island and beyond, her latest ink serves as a reminder that even in the glamorous world of celebrities, genuine connections and shared moments are the markers of enduring relationships.

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