Mungai Eve responds to the man who tattooed her face on his chest

Mungai Eve was shocked to find out that a fan had tattooed her face on a chest, but the person wasn’t like her.

Reacting to the gesture of a fan who initially said he wouldn’t regret tattooing his image on her, she stated that the person was nothing like her.

Some netizens wondered why this tattoo was different, while others applauded the artist’s intention and condemned his tattoo artist.

YouTuber Mungai Eva has reacted in kind to a viral fanatic who tattooed his face on her chest.

YouTuber Mungai Eve. Photo: Mungai Eve.
Mungai Eve, and the man who made her face. Photo: Mungai Eve.
Source: Instagram

Mungai Eve loves her fan

An unidentified fan took a popular picture of Mungai and inked it. She was wearing a denim jacket with her hair up. As he smiles at her camera, the YouTuber also holds her chest with his hand.

“I won’t regret drawing your tattoo onto my chest,” was the caption of the video by the guy, which was re-shared by Nairobi Gossip Club on Instagram.

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Mungai was not impressed by the tattoo and replied to the post asking if the man knew the person he had tattooed.

“Huyu, ni mimimi kweli?” She inquired.

Netizens wondered how far one should go to support those they love and respect.

Reactions of social media users

Here are some comments from users of social media:

@Julius said:

“Kwani amechora na makaa.”

@theepluto said:

“Wuueh mambo yanachemka.”

@Mungai responded later and expressed appreciation for the man:

“I value the love.”

@tileh_pachbro said:

“Intentions ndio zina matter, perfection wachieni watu wa heena.”

@mkomb007 said:

“Kwani kuna Mungai Eve mwingine hatujui.”

@roziearwa said:

“Huyo tattoo artist hataona heaven, aliambiwa achore Eve Mungai akachora Wivu Mukai.”

Harmonize to remove Kajala’s Tattoo

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Harmonize stopped vloggers from asking him about the tattoo he was planning to remove after the lass left him in December 2022.

“Tattoos are a personal thing, and they’re not something you can discuss. Mwangalie tu kuona kama itakuwepo ama haitakuwepo,” he said.

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