NFL Player Damar Hamlin gets a tattoo to remind him of a scary injury he sustained against the Bengals

Over the past month, we have learned a lot about Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin and judging from what we know now, there’s a lot to like about him.

The circumstances as to how this process started weren’t the best. Hamlin was hurt in a match against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jan. 2. Although it was difficult and dark, the adventure turned out to be a great one that inspired people all around the world.

With everything he has gone through since that evening in Cincinnati, Damar Hamlin decided to get a reminder of the moment, in the form of a tattoo that’s pictured on the TMZ Twitter page.

The tattoo is on his hand, and it’s not specifically of the moment when everything changed, but of the journey of healing, he’s currently on.

Hamlin has received many positive vibes. He has used that platform for the support and love he received when he was recovering after cardiac arrest.

His fashion choices drew criticism from Adrian Peterson (NFL runningback). Peterson was critical of Hamlin’s Super Bowl jacket which featured a modified Jesus head crucifix.

Peterson finally reached out to Hamlin, and they had a pleasant conversation about the jacket. All seems to have been well since that conversation.

It’ll be interesting to see if the tattoo Hamlin has sparked some outrage, but on first look, mellow thoughts are what come to mind.

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