Nick Kyrgios Embraces His Inner Maverick with Enormous Pokemon Tattoo

Nick Kyrgios, the 28-year-old tennis maverick, has always been vocal about his fondness for the Japanese anime Pokémon.

Recently, he took his adoration to a new level by getting an enormous full-back tattoo of Pokémon characters, a testament to his unwavering love for the series.

Kyrgios shared the journey of his tattoo on Tuesday, initially posting a photo of his back adorned with the outlines of several Pokémon characters before the final design was completed with intricate shading. The Canberran native turned to the Ganga Studio, a renowned tattoo studio in Los Angeles, to help realise his vision. Four artists collaborated to create the masterpiece.

As he watched the artistry and dedication unfold, he captioned the photo, “Hard”. Watching the artistry and commitment unfold, he captioned one photo with ‘Hard. Then, he showed his fans two more images that displayed excellent shading, giving life and depth to his favourite characters.

Kyrgios’ affinity for Pokémon goes way back, and in 2016, he admitted to indulging in the Pokémon Go mobile app during his downtime while competing in the Rogers Cup in Canada. This tattoo permanently expresses Kyrgios’ love for the long-running and beloved series. It also represents his personality on and off the court.

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