Plymouth tattoo studio, Olly Murs, leaves star-struck fans in awe

Starstruck viewers enjoyed Olly Murs’ entertainment on tonight’s (February 25th 2015) episode. The singer-turned-host, who will be wrapping up his “Marry Me” tour with an intimate gig in the Pavilions, revealed a fake leg tattoo.

Olly stated that he had an idol tattoo after the first performance. It’s true.” It’s right in front of you.

Then he showed Jason Manford’s tattoo on his calves. He said, “Jason. You are loved and respected by me. This is for me, sir!

Twitter shared the joke between ITV talent fans and Twitter.

@Lynne96560772 said: “Crazy love it.” @DebbieSearle added: “[laughing my head off] “When I saw that.”

@sorchaaaaaa_xx wrote “Love this should’ve kept them in.” @yasmin_ali10 wrote “Oh Olly …. only you lol.”

Olly’s fiancé Amelia said she is “very proud” to call beautiful Plymouth home. The singer was shocked when Amelia became an Amelia Janner before they met. This term is something he had never heard of before.

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