Overcoming Employment Barriers: Inspiring Story of a Mother of Seven

A mother-of-seven, who hasn’t been able to find work for over eight months, blames her body art on her inability to get a job. She believes employers believe she is unprofessional.

Melissa Sloan inked her whole body, from head to foot. This includes her face.

According to The Sun, she got a brand new tattoo. She recently had a Playboy Bunny tattooed, adding to her artwork collection, including depictions of the Kray Twins and marijuana leaves. She admitted that she gets several new tattoos each week.

Melissa, 46, of Knighton, Wales, is a mother to seven kids and desperately needs a job to support her family.

The mother-of-seven is hoping to find a job to provide for her family
The mother-of-7 hopes to get a job to provide for her children ( Image: Melissa Sloan/Media Wales).

She said she was willing to accept any position. She had previously applied for a job as a cleaner but claimed that her tattoos prevented her from being hired.

Melissa has admitted that she hasn’t been able to find employment despite searching for ‘months and months and months to no avail.

Melissa is now considering lasering off her facial tattoos because she has not received a single offer of employment.

She said, “I might have to get my tattoos taken off to get a role finally.

Melissa gets new tattoos on a weekly basis
Melissa gets new tattoos every week (Image: Melissa Sloan).

Melissa is on income support and suffers from depression. She has been told that she can receive laser treatment free of charge.

She said: “I’ve been offered the procedures on my face and neck on the NHS. But I am reluctant because my tattoos are a part of me. I have heard that it’s painful and can make you wrinkled.

“I will, however, do this if necessary to find a job.” If I have to, I’ll have my entire tattoo collection removed from my neck and face.

Melissa said she is treated differently when she covers her facial tattoos with makeup
Melissa Sloan said that she is treated differently when she conceals her facial tattoos using makeup.

The mother of seven, whose two youngest kids are under ten years old, said she wanted to prove doubters wrong, and she received different treatment depending on if she covered her tattoos.

She said, “I believe people think I am unprofessional. I get unwanted attention, and rude remarks are made to me constantly. People treat you normally when I go out in a wig, with makeup covering my tattoos and a wig on top of it.”

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