Pritty Vishy Unveils the Story Behind Her Tattoo of a Married Man

Pritty Vishi, a socialite on the rise and former girlfriend of Stevo Simplicity Boy, has revealed details about her marriages in the past and the tattoo with a man’s name.

Vishy told SPM she didn’t know the man had a wife when she got her tattoo. She explained that she wanted to surprise her husband because she was in love. “I did not regret getting the tattoo, but now that I’ve learned he’s married, I want to get rid of it.”

Vishy has also revealed she’s been married three times before. She did not realize that the two men she married had already been married.

The first time she got married, she was in Class Seven. She met a young man of 18 and he handed her the keys to his house. Vishy told Vishy that he had said I was like his spouse. “I lived with my father for months before she found out about it and took me away.”

She was in Form One when she married for the second time. She lived in a house with her stepfather, but her stepmother left him and began dating someone else. Vishy claims that the new girlfriend of her stepfather was abusive. So she fled and met with a man who offered to have her stay. Vishy explained, “He said I could stay with him until my mother calmed herself down.” Then I learned he was already married, and I had no choice but to leave.

Vishy was in Form Two when she got married for the third time. She started dating a man she met at a wedding. She told the reporter that she had no idea he was married until his wife called her and warned her to stay clear of her husband.

Vishy’s tale is a good reminder to ensure you know who you are dealing with before committing yourself. This story is a warning that, even if someone is unaware of it at the time, they could hurt someone else if they get involved with someone married.

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