Restoring Confidence After Breast Cancer Areola Tattoos Offer Hope and Healing


In the face of a breast cancer diagnosis, the journey to recovery is filled with challenges, triumphs, and moments of resilience. For many survivors, the experience is both physically taxing and emotionally challenging. One aspect of this journey involves mastectomy, which can save lives but may leave some survivors feeling like they’ve lost a part of themselves. However, thanks to the compassionate work of Candi Rolf, owner of Candi Brows in Old Town Clovis, breast cancer survivors find a path to restoration, confidence, and hope through the art of areola tattoos.

Breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies often face an emotional battle in addition to their physical struggles. The removal of a breast can affect one’s body confidence and self-esteem. Candi Rolf, a paramedical tattoo specialist, understands this struggle all too well. “In most cases, they are left without a nipple or an areola,” she explained. This loss can leave survivors yearning to feel whole once more.

Candi Brows is not just a permanent makeup studio; it’s a haven for those who seek the opportunity to regain what breast cancer took away. Candi Rolf’s dedication lies in helping survivors feel complete again, allowing them to regain their sense of self. “All they want is just to feel like themselves again,” says Rolf. “The areola, the completion of the breast—it gives them a little bit of their dignity back.”

The technique that empowers breast cancer survivors is called “areola tattooing.” Using a specialized method, Candi Rolf artfully recreates the appearance of a nipple or areola. The procedure can vary in duration, taking anywhere from one hour to six hours, depending on the individual’s specific needs. To survivors, the areola tattoo isn’t merely a cosmetic procedure; it symbolizes the culmination of their journey, the final step toward healing.

But Candi Brows doesn’t stop at areola tattoos. They offer various services to help breast cancer survivors regain their confidence. NanoBrows, for instance, is akin to an eyebrow tattoo, providing a natural look for those who have experienced hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is another service tailored to address hair loss concerns, offering a practical solution that restores confidence.

What sets Candi Rolf apart is her profound understanding that compassion plays an integral role in this process. She emphasizes, “I think 50% of what I do is bedside manner, dealing with people who have been through a lot of trauma.” The connections she forms with her clients and the journey of helping them heal from their emotional scars fuel her passion. Beyond the ink and the procedure, it’s about being there for survivors, providing the support and understanding they need as they transition through this profound chapter in their lives.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month dawns, Candi Rolf extends a heartwarming gesture to the breast cancer community. In a generous act of support and compassion, Candi Brows is offering a free areola tattoo to a deserving individual, a service that typically costs around $3,000. This gesture speaks volumes about their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who have faced the daunting challenges of breast cancer. Information about the giveaway can be found on the Candi Brows Instagram, allowing those who have experienced breast cancer to enter for a chance to embrace this gift of healing and restoration.

Candi Rolf and Candi Brows are not just providing areola tattoos; they’re offering hope and healing. They understand that it’s about more than aesthetics; it’s about helping breast cancer survivors regain their confidence and reclaim their lives. As survivors bravely confront their battles, Candi Brows stands as a beacon of support, offering the opportunity to celebrate their resilience and find beauty in their journey.

Candi Brows is making a significant impact in the world of areola tattoos and compassionate care, reminding breast cancer survivors that they are never alone in their journey to reclaim their dignity and rebuild their confidence. In the words of Candi Rolf, “It’s the connections and helping somebody get past that trauma – that’s what I love about it.”

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