Sabrina Carpenter Goes Braless, Shows Off Tattoo in New Photo

Former Disney Channel star Sabrina Carpenter Fans are being teased by her braless body.

The “Girl Meets World” Starlet releases her first music single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” Since then, she has gone on tour to promote and perform her music in front of thousands.

Sabrina Carpenter Goes Braless

Sabrina Carpenter Goes Braless, Shows Off Tattoo In New Photo
Instagram | Sabrina Carpenter

The 23-year-old isn’t faking it as she posted a photo of herself in a low-cut blue dress. It sits just below her waist, exposing her hips and back. The butterfly tattoo she has on her arm is obvious because she isn’t wearing a bra. Instead, her arms are holding the front of her gown with her hands.

Her blue eyes sparkle as she stares into the camera and smiles at her fans, leaving them wanting more.

“got some blue going on,” one fan wrote as another chimed in, “u were flirting with me here.”

A third chimed in, “Some blue for the teen vogue party”.

As one of her fans hilariously commented, “The tattoo in this dress with the hair and that face- SOME OF US HAVE ASTHMA SABRINA.”

Sabrina Carpenter Slammed For April Fools’ Prank

Sabrina Carpenter

Carpenter is currently on tour and decided to have some fun on April Fools’ Day — although not everyone is laughing at her joke.

During a performance in Salt Lake City over the weekend, the “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying” singer sang some lyrics, which, according to a TikTok, went, “Put your hands up if you live in Salt Lake/How do you get alcohol on Sundays?/I’m pregnant!/Happy April Fools’ Day.”


salt lake nonsense outro 🤪🤭😍 #sabrinacarpenternonsense #sabrinacarpenteroutro #nonsenseoutrosabrinacarpenter #nonsenseoutro #emailsicantsendtour #emailsicantsendsabrinacarpenter #nonsensesabrinacarpenter @sabrinacarpenter

♬ original sound – nat

After the joke about her being pregnant, the crowd went extremely quiet, unsure of how to react — and the comments on the video were no different.

“THE SILENCE,” one person commented on the TikTok, as another wrote, “That crowd’s silence said ‘how do we feel about this’s REAL LOUD.”

Sabrina Carpenter Drops Fifth Album

Sabrina Carpenter at the Met Gala

The 23-year-old just dropped her fifth studio album, “Emails I Can’t Send” last July, but in a lot of ways, Carpenter says it felt like her first. “It felt like a first album for me in a lot of ways,” Carpenter told V Magazine Regarding her latest album. “A lot of it came from a really painful point in my life. It was a challenge to push myself throughout the process.”

She went on to say how “there were moments I felt so isolated,” but hearing her fans sing her songs back to her while on tour “feels triumphant.”

“Those are the moments people pick out and scream at the top of their lungs on tour,” Carpenter said.

The title track, “Emails I Can’t Send,” is the song that inspired the entire album, according to the 23-year-old singer. “The song that inspired the record. Someone I looked up to let me down and it changed the way I love and receive love,” she explained in an interview with Spotify Storyline last year.

Carpenter’s fifth studio album, “Emails I Can’t Send,” is out now.

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