Self Love Club Tattoo Trend Spreads Positivity


The Self Love Club: A Tattoo Trend with Heart

There’s a new club in town, and it’s all about self-love! Melbourne artist Frances Cannon sparked a worldwide phenomenon with the “Self Love Club” – a movement inspired by her journey toward self-acceptance.

It began with a simple yet powerful tattoo on herself: “Self Love Club.” Having grappled with self-doubt, Cannon sought a permanent reminder of her innate worth. Wanting to spread the joy, she invited others to join, reminding them they deserve unwavering love and kindness.

“I shared it on Instagram, hoping others would embrace the idea,” she tells Bustle. Seeing people design unique, meaningful tattoos has been incredible. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

To join, members follow three guiding principles:

  • Treat yourself with respect, love, forgiveness, and understanding.
  • Extend the same kindness to others.
  • Prioritize both physical and mental well-being.


The club’s rapid growth speaks to its impact. “It’s amazing!” Cannon exclaims. “Friends around the world tell me they’re spotting the tattoo. The trend is creating ripples of positivity.”

Across Instagram, the #selfloveclub hashtag reveals a treasure trove of inspiring designs. There are delicate floral embellishments, bold lettering, and even semicolon tattoos integrated into the phrase – a powerful symbol in the mental health community.

Alongside the artwork, members share their stories. “Getting this tattoo was therapy,” writes one user, “a daily reminder to overcome my eating disorder.” Another shares, “After years of self-criticism, I’m learning to give myself grace.”

It’s more than just a tattoo – by using the hashtag, members connect with a supportive online community offering encouragement through life’s challenges. The club provides a safe space to celebrate victories, acknowledge struggles, and offer unconditional support.

This movement inspires major tattoo envy! More importantly, Frances Cannon and her Self Love Club foster genuine self-care in a world that can feel harsh. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a tattoo appointment to book!

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