Tattoo model Only fans as she strips down to a micro-bikini for saucy snaps

Amber Luke doesn’t hesitate to show off her tattoos.

She regularly strips off to flaunt the inkings that cover 98% of her body – and her latest post is no exception.

An alternative model from Queensland, Australia, was seen in a micro bikini and took some sexy photos.

The barely-there two-piece was so tight that she could not move, she exposed her chest, stomach, and face with the geometric patterns.

Amber, 27, wore the racy look with knee-high boots and spiky sunglasses. Amber also wore a chunky silver chain.

Amber Luke
Amber Luke has jaw-dropping inkings including pattern work on her torso and portraits on her legs(Image: amberluke666/Instagram)

She kept her brunette hair down and added pink lipstick to highlight her full lips.

Amber captioned the image: “It’s all gravy, baby” – and fans were loving it.

This post received a lot of gushing comments. One Instagram user commented, “How sexy!”

Another commented: “Awesome photo, you’re a beautiful lady.”

A third person swooned, “You’re incredible.” Simply amazing.

Amber Luke
Amber treats her skin like a canvas – and she’s not shy about showing it off (Image: amberluke666/Instagram)

Amber struggled with her mental health in high school, but tattoos were a great way for her to express herself.

Previously, she explained: “I struggled immensely with my depression at 16, when I first started my journey.

“I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim my confidence and build myself into someone I’m proud of being.”

She now has more than 600 tattoos – including quotes on her face and bold eyeball ink.

The influencer has also body modifications, For example, a dermal and a split-tongue.

Amber Luke
Amber first started getting inked when she was a teenager (Image: Instagram/amberluke666)

Amber’s unconventional looks have led to her modeling photoshoots with brands and other opportunities.

They’ve also helped her to stand out on adults only subscription site, OnlyFans.

The model is much happier since getting inked – even though some keyboard warriors have cruelly branded her a “freak”.

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