Tattoo Shop Holds Fundraiser for ALS in Memory of Owner, Making a Difference Through Ink

‘N the Skin Tattoos hosted ‘Tattooing for a Cure,’ a fundraiser for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS, on Saturday.

Former owner Dale North was diagnosed in October 2022 and died shortly after.

Kelly North, his wife and the new owner of North’s business said they wanted to honour their husband.

“We knew immediately that we’d do something for ALS. We were able to raise quite a bit of money in May, just doing that, and then this fundraiser today was to kind of the big ‘to-do,’ to end it with a bang,” she said.

She explained that many customers were eager to attend the event, so they lined up before it began.

“Our video, which we had made, was viewed by over 20000 people on Facebook the minute they heard we were planning a fundraising event in honour of Dale. It’s been shared, and we’re up to around 15 thousand times. So, our clients helped make this an amazing success,” explained she.

According to Glen Smith, this event was an opportunity to do what he loved: tattoos.

“Everybody in this town knew him, and it is just something, kind of a memorial for him, but also more than anything, it is a thank you from us to at ‘N the Skin’ for giving us a donation for this cause,” he said.

Kelly says that such events are essential as ALS can burden many families.

She explained that “all of the money raised and donated is used for research and to support families. It costs an average of 250 thousand dollars to care for someone with A-L.S. This is after insurance.”

Smith said anything that can help would make a big difference.

“These types of benefits and these kinds of things not only help extend your lifespan but make a better life quality, at least as far we can see today,” explained he.

All proceeds are donated to the Kentucky chapter ALS Foundation.

To learn more about how to donate, please click the Facebook link below.

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