Unraveling the Emotional Depths of BTS Jimin’s ‘Young Forever’ Tattoo

Jimin has got the words ‘Young Forever’ tattooed on his arms. He has repeatedly stated how much he values that song. After reading BTS ‘ book, you will learn how important it was to the singer. Find out more about the book.

BTS member Jimin has quite a few tattoos. He’s mentioned them more than once. There is a tattoo of the song among all those. Young Forever The singer wrote a word on each arm. The singer tattooed a different expression on both arms. He has spoken about how important this song is to him many times.

Jimin revealed that the song had changed his life in many ways. He needed it when he most needed strength and support. BTS was going through some tough times in 2018. They felt confused and lost. Young ForeverThe performance and the fan videos changed everything for him.

It is important to note that “you” means “you.” Serendipity, The singer, continued to watch its videos. He found meaning in it when he searched for it. Jimin talked about this in BTS’ first-ever book. They talk about their struggle, success, and journey.

The boys published their first book on July 9, ARMY Day. BTS: 10 Years of Success They discuss many things. Jimin tells his own story about 2018. He claimed that the group had a crisis. They tried their best to escape all the worries and return to the old way.

Jimin watched old videos in a small room of three meters square. He found a video of their fans singing along. Young Forever. “Watching that, I thought this was what we had worked so hard for,” said he. The singer wondered why he had pushed aside such beautiful emotions. BTS worked on their album despite facing difficulties in Love Yourself Tear.

In that mental state, it was exhausting. This album was one of the biggest hits in their history.

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