11th Annual Tattoo Fiesta in New Mexico Concludes at Isleta Pueblo

New Mexico Tattoo Fiesta, the 11th annual event, brought locals and artists from all over the country to Isleta Pueblo.

The convention is not just about tattooing. It also includes seminars, competitions, and general networking among artists and those who attend.

“I love New Mexico personally. “I love the food and culture, and it’s a great excuse to work and have fun,” said Ross K. Jones, a San Francisco Tattoo artist.

Oliver Peck from Ink Master, for example, is one of the big names who made the trip to the Land of Enchantment.

Adam Garcia, a New Mexico Tattoo Fiesta participant, had the opportunity to watch Peck tattoo his son.

Garcia believes that he may see his son in his own space someday.

Garcia added, “Hopefully, he’ll own his booth in a few years.”

Locals in New Mexico who attended the festival thought it was a wonderful event that showcased the tattoo culture here.

It’s cool that people think alike and that there’s more space now. It’s a positive environment, said a Tattoo Fiesta visitor.

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