13 Adorable Coquette Tattoo Ideas Inspired by Hailey Bieber’s Dainty Bow


While 2023 was the year of the bow, the coquette aesthetic will still be on-trend in 2024, especially in the tattoo world.

Case in point? Hailey Bieber, the queen of micro ink, recently debuted the most classic coquette you can get: a dainty, fine-line bow.

As the queen of balletcore, Bieber has added dancerly details, like ribbons and bows, to her look for years. But according to Anastasiia Gatsko, a tattoo artist and owner of G Tattoo & Piercing, bows aren’t the only way to lean into the coquette vibe.

Hearts, pearls, cherubs, and other details also fall under the coquette aesthetic. Plus, there are multiple ways to rock a ribbon, whether you go for a fine-line design or one that’s more realistic. If the result is flirty, playful, and romantic, you can consider it a coquette.

Keep scrolling for 13 cute coquette tattoo ideas to inspire your next piece of body art.

1. Micro Bow

Hailey Bieber's tiny bow tattoo.

Minimalists can copy Bieber’s perfect baby bow tattoo, a teeny design you can put in an inconspicuous spot (like the side of your hand, à la the supermodel). Get it as a fine line if you want to be super discrete.

2. Cute Cherubs

Cherub tattoo.

All things angelic fall under the coquette category, too, including designs like this little cherub napping on a puffy cloud. Go for a cartoony angel or a realistic cupid, and consider adding a pop of red ink to make it your own.

“While we all have different personalities, styles, and preferences, a small cupid or cherub can speak volumes about your coquettish nature without saying a word,” Gatsko tells Bustle.

3. Waving Ribbons

Simple ribbon tattoo.

A more realistic ribbon with looped bows and long, flowing ends is also chic. Ask your tattoo artist to include details like creases and waves for an added touch.

4. Delicate Details

Simple ribbon tattoo.

This dainty, droopy bow is another cutesy take on the ribbon tattoo trend, and the shadowing makes it feel so Lana Del Rey-coded.

5. Cupid’s Arrow

Heart with arrow tattoo.

To lean into the cutesy vibe, go for any heart tattoo, like this outline design. Add a romantic or Valentine’ s-inspired touch, like a mini arrow, to up the coquette factor.

Similar to Bieber’s bow, this tattoo’s micro design makes it extra sweet. According to Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos in Toronto, Canada, some of the best coquette tattoos are minimalist. “They can be very dainty and subtle,” she tells Bustle.

6. On The Half Shell

Clam shell pearl tattoo.

Pearl details give off the same feminine vibe as hearts and bows, says Gatsko. To help the design stand out, place the gemstone inside a vintage-looking oyster shell, complete with shadowed ridges.

7. Red Ribbons

Red ribbon tattoo.

Red ink tattoos are becoming more popular and perfectly fit the coquette aesthetic. The crimson hue will make your bow pop.

8. Jeweled Hearts

Jewel heart tattoo.

Lorenzo recommends looking at vintage jewellery for tattoo inspiration. While that might include pearl details or something lacy, like a garter-inspired tattoo, a pink, faceted, heart-shaped jewel could also be pretty.

9. Ballerina Ribbon

Ballerina tattoo.

Placement is everything when it comes to coquette tattoos. According to Gatsko, they look best in flirty areas, like your shoulder, forearm, lower belly, or hip. This ballet core-style bow also works perfectly on the back of the neck.

10. Cute Locket

Locket tattoo.

Locket designs are another way to capture the coquette energy, says Gatsko. They harken back to the Victorian Regency era when this necklace style was super trendy. Picture the costumes from Bridgerton, which are decked out with vintage, feminine details.

11. Rows Of Bows

Three small bow tattoos.

To lean into the coquette vibes, go for three pink bows stacked in a row. It’s serving flirty ballerina in the best way.

12. Sweet Swan

Swan tattoo.

You could also get your fave cute animal inked. “Cute little kittens, bunnies, and swans also make adorable coquette tattoos,” says Gatsko.

13. Dainty Heart

Tiny heart tattoo.

A tiny outline of a heart in a saucy spot like your collarbone is always a classic. This is so tiny, but it’ll catch the eye and make you feel extra cute.

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