2023 Roughrider Ink and Iron Expo: Breaking Tattoo Stereotypes and Celebrating Artistry


In the heart of the Veterans Memorial Arena in West Fargo, an extraordinary gathering unfolded as numerous tattoo artists converged to transform the human body into living canvases. This remarkable spectacle was the 2023 Roughrider Ink and Iron Expo, a celebration of tattoo artistry.

One of the participating tattoo artists, Ethan Aune, expressed his excitement, saying, “I think it’s awesome. Everybody in the community gets together with many people from out of town. You get to see everybody’s artwork and show off your own.” This event served as a unique platform where the local community and artists from afar came together to share their passion for ink.

Tattoos, for one reason or another, tend to carry a certain stigma at times, according to these artists. However, events like the Roughrider Ink and Iron Expo aim to shatter these stereotypes. They open the doors of a tattoo parlor wide and invite people to witness the artistry that goes into every tattoo.

“Tattoo studios can be intimidating for many people,” explained Million, another tattoo artist. “Being able to walk through and not worry about all the stigma of a tattoo studio—that’s probably a big thing for many people.” The expo provides a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where visitors can explore the world of tattoos without any apprehension.

Inside the arena, the distinctive buzz of tattoo machines filled the air as artists meticulously painted their designs on their living canvases. Even after two days of the expo, enthusiasm remained high as people continued to book appointments, eager to become a part of this immersive experience.

Ethan Aune reflected on the unique camaraderie among tattoo artists at the expo, saying, “When you are at your shop all the time, you don’t necessarily interact with as many artists. You have your kind of family of artists. But when you are here, you realize everyone is one big family, and it’s cool.” The event fosters a sense of community among artists and allows them to learn from one another and gain fresh perspectives on their craft.

Tattooing has been an art form passed down through generations, and for these artists, it’s an opportunity to keep this tradition alive. Aune shared his passion for tattooing, saying, “I’m trying to pick up where the pioneers before me left off and pave the way for new artists to come after me.” The expo is a testament to the enduring nature of tattoo artistry and its ability to evolve while preserving its rich heritage.

What makes this gathering even more remarkable is that all proceeds from the expo go toward supporting the North Dakota Make-A-Wish Foundation, emphasizing the philanthropic aspect of the event. As artists and enthusiasts come together to celebrate tattoo artistry, they also contribute to making wishes come true for those in need.

In conclusion, the 2023 Roughrider Ink and Iron Expo is more than just a tattoo convention; it celebrates the artistry community and breaks down tattoo stereotypes. It’s a platform where artists from diverse backgrounds unite to share their passion, learn from one another, and pave the way for the future of tattooing. Moreover, their dedication to supporting the North Dakota Make-A-Wish Foundation exemplifies the positive impact the tattoo community can have on the world beyond the ink.

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