25 Cool Rain Flowers Tattoo Ideas & Meanings for 2023

Just like spring brings life and flowers, so too does life’s hardships. Instead of looking at adversity as a threat, see it as an opportunity for growth. You can achieve beauty, growth, and resilience even when you are suffering.

No rain, no flowers tattoo
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What does the tattoo “no rain, no flowers” mean? This expression means that beauty, growth, and success are often based upon struggle and adversity. This phrase can be used to remind you of times when you have overcome adversity in your life and achieved personal growth. It could be used to motivate yourself to overcome any difficult times.

25 unique, no rain, no flowers tattoo ideas

All things in life require balance. All things, bad and good, love and hatred, the good and terrible, are possible. A no rain, non flower tattoo is a great reminder that both sides are important for survival and success. These are 25 amazing no rain, no flowers tattoo designs.

1. No flowers or rain on the arm

No rain, no flowers tattoo
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The best way to remember a tattoo is to write it on the arm. This tattoo depicts a cloud filled with raindrops and beautiful flowers. This tattoo illustrates the beauty and potential for growth after hard times.

2. Floral design

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @artstuffbynae Source: Instagram

This tattoo design is simple and unique. It features a flower in bloom and the phrase “no rain, no flowers” in capital letters.

3. Minimalist design


Placing a small amount of ink with the no rain, no flowers tattoo on your collarbone or leg can be done. This design is great for minimalistic people who don’t wish to draw attention to themselves.

4. Botanical design

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @inkforthesoul
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Different tattoos can be worn by different people. This tattoo features flowers, books and a cup. The phrase “no rain, no flowers” is written in cursive over the image. It shows how suffering can bring beauty and strength.

5. Full sleeve, no rain, no flowers tattoo

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @jesspaulsonart

The inscription begins with “no flowers no rain” written in cursive on the one side. The beautiful writing extends from the upper arm to the flower. It’s a sign that sometimes you have to go through hell just to enjoy beautiful moments.

6. Delicate lettering design


This ink design is easy to use and can complement any aesthetic. The body art can be placed on the lower arm. But, you can always change.

7. Bold letters, no rain, no flowers design

No rain, no flowers tattooPhoto: @ellie_tatts
Source: Instagram

This tattoo is great for anyone who is open about their struggles. The ink is boldly black and contains the words “no flower, no rain” It looks simple but unique.

8. Beautiful girl, no rain, no flowers, ink design

No rain, no flowers tattooPhoto: @camer.i.nks
Source: Instagram

This ink illustration shows a woman hugging itself, along with a bold quote about not having to rain or flowers. This ink design is a reminder to remember that even in the hardest times, you only have you to help you get through. While it is important to have close friends and family, it is equally important that you provide support for yourself during hard times.

9. Fine line, no rain, no flowers tattoo

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @catenailaria
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You have many options for no rain, but flowers ink designs. In this case, the words were written in a circular format. The inner arm has been inked to give it a smooth and attractive appearance.

10. Without rain, tattoos aren’t for the eye.


This tattoo design refers directly to the quote “no rain, no flowers”. It is a reminder that everything will get better.

11. No rain, no flowers, unique design


A quote doesn’t have to be accompanied by a tattoo of flowers or rain. This illustration demonstrates the true meaning of the phrase. The design is divided into two parts: the first has beautiful flowers while the second features rain and clouds.

12. It is not permissible to tattoo flowers or rain on the wrist.

It is easy to see, so the standard spot for no rain no flowers are at the wrist. This quote reminds us that not everyone can appreciate the good times, and many go through tough times.

13. Rose flower design

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @sarina_de_rosa_tattoo
Source: Instagram

This design is perfect for people who wish to express beauty and depth. Beautiful roses surround the quote.

14. Back design

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @justycebrown
Source: Facebook

The back is a popular area for tattoo placement due to its large canvas, which can hold intricate designs. A beautiful flower is added at the end of the quote. It is elegant, yet chic.

15. There is no rain, flowers or above-the knee tats

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @roxy_shatatts
Source: Instagram

Above the knee is a popular area to place ink. This is a feminine area that is very attractive. This design shows both legs. One leg is without rain, the other has no flowers.

16. Design with a delicate touch


This minimalist body art is beautiful and subtle. This tattoo design was created in cursive. To create this perfect look, the artist used fine line artwork.

17. No rain, no flowers, tattoo monogram

This design incorporates the quote with numbers or initials. The initials could represent someone you care about, and the numbers could remind you of difficult times.

18. No rain, no flowers, ribs tattoo

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @tresojostattooypiercing
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Because the ribs are sensitive, and can be hidden or displayed depending upon the individual’s wishes, they make an excellent location for tats. This design includes some flowers and a quote.

19. There is no rain on a couple’s tattoo

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @psycho5701
Source: Instagram

If you’ve had to go through tough times together, this can be a symbol of your relationship. You can only have the first part of the design, but the other person can have the entire thing. Matching tattoos are also possible.

20. No rain, no flowers, chest tattoo


You can hide it or display it so the chest makes a great location for tattoos. The quote is split into two parts to make it more prominent.

21. Design for above the elbow

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @ilenia_handpoke.tattoo
Source: Instagram

No matter where you place your body art, the design will still look beautiful and meaningful. If the top of your tattoo isn’t sleeveless it will be difficult to see.

22. Design of a butterfly

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @alamandatattoo
Source: Instagram

This tattoo represents the power of struggle to bring about transformation. The butterfly symbolizes that even in difficult times there is always hope for transformation and growth.

23. Plan for rain and sun


This tattoo design includes the sun, rain and beautiful flowers. It is a symbol of balance and vitality in life. It reminds us that we can accept the good and the bad.

24. Compass directions design

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @nunticharungreong
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This body art reminds us that even though we feel lost and uncertain, there are still ways to succeed. It reminds you to have faith in yourself, and to keep going.

25. Watercolour design

No rain, no flowers tattoo
Photo: @neskatattooartist
Source: Facebook

The watercolor effect makes this design whimsical and light. This tattoo is a reminder that you can achieve beauty and growth by conquering adversity.

Acceptance of the hard things can help you embrace growth and progression in your life. The “no rain no flowers” tattoo serves as a reminder to accept and enjoy the good times.

Baybayin tattoos are a great way for Filipinos to show their culture and identity. Kalayaan denotes freedom and Kapit is to hold on.

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