Bexar County’s Unraveling Enigma of Tattoo-Laden Body Mystery

Sheriff Javier Salazar released an illustration of a tattoo from a torso present in a bit of bags on July 20.

Deputies have been referred to the 18000 block of South Loop 1604 West after somebody discovered dismembered human stays inside a suitcase.

The torso inside has been recognized as belonging to a male, and authorities want to establish the deceased, Salazar stated Wednesday.

“We have been in a position to get an artist rendition of a big tattoo that this male had on his again,” Salazar stated.

The artist’s rendition of the tattoo seems to be a dragon with wings and a pointed tail.

Folks feeding livestock on the property discovered the bag, Salazar stated. The house owners are out of the city. However, they’re cooperating with the investigation, he said.

Salazar stated it was also doable that the sufferer would not be from the county or even the nation.

“This could indicate a drug trafficking group,” Salazar stated.

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