Calgary Tattoo Prodigy Sydney Dyer Makes Waves on Ink Master


Sydney Dyer, the talented force behind Calgary’s Brindle Room tattoo shop, is making headlines as the first Canadian contestant on the 15th season of Paramount+’s hit show, Ink Master. This seasoned tattoo artist shares her journey, challenges, and aspirations as she competes against top-notch talent from around the globe.

Calgary’s tattoo scene is exciting as Sydney Dyer, the visionary artist behind Brindle Room, steps onto the international stage as the first Canadian contestant on the acclaimed reality show Ink Master. Known for her dedication and passion for tattooing, Dyer has become a local icon, and her journey on Ink Master promises to elevate her status to new heights.

Now in its 15th season, Ink Master is a reality TV show that challenges tattoo artists to push their creative boundaries. Contestants are tasked with tattooing clients with varying preferences, and a panel of renowned judges scrutinizes their work. The stakes are high, with the artist delivering the least impressive tattoo bidding farewell to the competition.

Sydney Dyer’s experience was nothing short of intense. Knowing that the entire country was watching and rooting for her success added a layer of pressure. “It was so much pressure, I can’t even describe it,” shared Dyer. “The whole country is weighing on my shoulders like me; they chose me to represent Canada. That’s wild to me; it’s a huge honor and stressful.”

In the competitive environment of Ink Master, artists are pushed out of their comfort zones. Dyer, known for her distinctive style, faced the challenge of creating tattoos outside her usual repertoire. “A lot of times they’re a stick in the mud and say no, I want this no matter what,” explained Dyer. “That’s where the show gets very dramatic and entertaining, right so you’re forced to go outside your comfort zone, forced to go outside anything you learned, and just dive in and do a tattoo that might not be the best one, but somebody just really wants it.”

Dyer’s journey from her local tattoo shop to the global stage has garnered attention from the Calgary community and fellow artists. Zach Prevost, owner of Trail Mix Tattoos, expressed his excitement about the upcoming season of Ink Master, particularly applauding Dyer’s inclusion. “This season in particular, it’s like a bunch of tattooers who I aspire and look up to, like Sydney included, of course,” he said. “It’s wild to see just how much it’s growing and even cooler that Sydney gets to be a part of it.”

Beyond the thrill of competition, Dyer’s participation in Ink Master promises to bring positive attention to her business. With the exposure gained from the show, she anticipates a potential boost for the Brindle Room. “It just really shines a highlight on this shop, everyone that works at the Brindle Room, we’re such a tight-knit family, we’re all very talented,” she shared. “If I can get any notoriety, excitement, or buzz around the shop, I’m just so happy to do that for my employees.”

As Dyer awaits the airing of the Ink Master episodes, her supporters, including longtime clients like Christine Kavanaugh, express admiration for her unique artistic voice. “Sydney reassured me that she wasn’t going to forget about me by getting famous,” said Kavanaugh, highlighting clients’ strong connection with their tattoo artists.

Sydney Dyer’s journey on Ink Master propels her into the spotlight and adds a dynamic chapter to Calgary’s vibrant tattoo culture. As she competes, creates, and embraces challenges, Dyer continues to inspire and leave an indelible mark on the global stage of tattoo artistry.


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