CeeDee Lamb receives a massive back tattoo featuring Kobe Bryant

CeeDee lamb just finished his best season. So the Cowboys star chose celebration.

This large tattoo, which stretches from his neck to his waist, was the third-year wideout’s celebration. It covers his entire rear.

Kobe Bryant can have his right shoulder blade made mirror-like by the famous image of him chewing on a jersey. Next to that is a black mamba with its tongue out and the words “My Story Isn’t Over” in big letters. His bottom right has a crown as well an I-45 Interstate Sign, which signify the Dallas highway.

CeeDee Lamb (right), had a record nine touchdowns for Cowboys during the last season. USA TODAY Sport
Half of his lower back is occupied by a huge, roaring jaguar. Below it is a Spartan warrior.

The middle section of the back contains a crucifix. It acts as an intersection point for the other tattoo designs.

Lamb went to Arizona’s Onder Ink tattoo artist, Andres Ortega this week, to get the intricate piece.

It was an eight-hour project that required a team of four artists, per TMZ, which also reported that Lamb’s purpose behind getting these particular tattoos is to represent the hard-fought journey he went through to make it from his childhood to the NFL.


This remarkable display of body art was the realization of his vision.

CeeDee Lamb poses for a photo on the red carpet before the NFL Honors award show at Symphony Hall on Feb. 9, 2023 in Phoenix.
CeeDee lamb poses in front of a camera on the red carpet prior to the NFL Honors Award Show held at Symphony Hall on February 9, 2023 in Phoenix. USA TODAY Sport

Lamb, who Cowboys selected 17th from Oklahoma in 2020, holds career records for receiving yards, touchdowns and catches. He was a receiver for 1,359 yards with nine touchdowns and 107 receptions.

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