Empowering Ink Fallen Desires Tattoo and Oddities Creates a Haven for Female Artists


When Marsena “Mars” Martinez envisioned Fallen Desires Tattoo and Oddities in Loveland a few years ago, she dreamed of establishing more than just a tattoo shop. She aimed to create a haven for female artists, a space where they could learn, grow, and feel supported. As the founder and owner, Martinez’s vision has flourished into a thriving establishment, challenging stereotypes and fostering creativity.

Creating a Safe Space for Female Artists

Mars Martinez, a lifelong artist turned tattoo enthusiast, moved to Loveland with a mission. Having experienced concerning behavior from male colleagues in the industry, she wanted to redefine the narrative for female artists. In an industry that can be challenging for women, she envisioned Fallen Desires as a safe space focused on learning, growth, and creating exceptional tattoos without unrealistic expectations.

The Genesis of Fallen Desires

Founded in late 2021, Fallen Desires Tattoo and Oddities operates from a home along Garfield Avenue, just near downtown Loveland. The unconventional setting contributes to the shop’s unique atmosphere, featuring multiple rooms for artists and clients to ensure privacy. The walls are adorned with drawings and oddities that are not just for sale but play a pivotal role in creating the desired ambiance.

Mars Martinez: From Artist to Empowerment Advocate

Martinez’s journey into tattooing was fueled by a love for creation and a desire to make a meaningful impact. Over the years, she witnessed female artists’ challenges in the industry, prompting her to pave the way for change. With its empowering ethos, Fallen Desires has become a testament to Martinez’s commitment to providing artists with a supportive and inclusive space.

Oddities and Tattoos: A Perfect Blend

Fallen Desires isn’t just about tattoos; it’s an experience that incorporates Martinez’s passion for oddities. The shop features unique items, from skulls in glass domes to snake skeletons, creating an environment that challenges societal norms. Martinez sees the beauty in the taboo, aligning it with the artistry of tattoos.

Teamwork and Growth: The Fallen Desires Community

The artists at Fallen Desires describe it as more than just a workplace; it’s a community of like-minded women dedicated to supporting each other. Kay Parker, the shop manager, emphasizes the importance of teamwork in fostering a positive environment for artists to learn and grow. The camaraderie among the team sets Fallen Desires apart as a space where artists feel safe, supported, and validated.

Client Comfort and Welcoming Spaces

Kye Newlove, one of the artists at Fallen Desires, highlights the significance of creating a welcoming space for clients. Many immediately feel at ease, realizing they are in a safe environment. The artists attribute this comforting atmosphere to the shop’s commitment to making clients comfortable while getting their tattoos.

Building Careers, One Tattoo at a Time

Martinez’s dedication goes beyond creating a physical space; she aims to be a guiding force in her artists’ careers. Recognizing women’s challenges in the industry, she strives to be a mentor who genuinely cares about their growth and success. As the artists at Fallen Desires live and breathe tattoos, Martinez hopes to set an example of what a supportive and caring leader looks like.

Fallen Desires has become a beacon in Loveland’s tattoo scene, challenging norms and fostering a community of empowered female artists. With a focus on creating exceptional art and a business-minded approach, the shop stands as a testament to the transformative power of ink when paired with passion and empowerment.

For more information about Fallen Desires, located at 515 N. Garfield Ave., and its artists, visit fallendesires.com.


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