Faf du Plessis’ tattoos: Meaning and count

Faf du Plessis is undoubtedly one of the most charming cricketers in history. Du Plessis has a stunning physique, gelled locks, and tattoos all over his body. He could easily have been a supermodel, not just a cricketer.

Current England’s Test coach Brendon McCullum once said that du Plessis never misses an opportunity to remove his shirt. McCullum, like du Plessis, played for Chennai Super Kings during the Indian Premier League. McCullum, like du Plessis, had the same qualities as du Plessis to pursue a career in modeling.

“He loves to get his kit off, doesn’t he? Every second, whenever there was an opportunity to take his shirt off, he’d do it. And fair enough, if you look like that, why wouldn’t you?,” Brendon McCullum once said about Faf du Plessis.

Faf du Plessis Arabic Tattoo Meaning

The Royal Challengers Bangalore‘s captain has a lot of tattoos on his body, and he has explained the meanings of most of them. However, during yesterday’s game between Bangalore and Chennai, du Plessis was receiving treatment, for which he had to lift his T-shirt.

Fans noticed a tattoo on his left rib. Contrary to popular beliefs, this is not in Arabic, but an Urdu word ‘Fazal’. It translates to ‘Grace’ or ‘Blessing’, and a believer of the almighty. du Plessis is dedicated to changing his life through the grace of God.

How many body arts does the RCB captain have?

Talking about du Plessis’ other tattoos, he has one on his arms which reads “Dies a Domino XVIII I MMXI”. The tattoo is a reminder of his South Africa debut on 18th January 2011, when he played India. In that match, he played a brilliant 60 (78). In a YouTube video, RCB’s Youtube Channel Du Plessis explained the reasoning behind this.

“My first one was, I always wanted to get something but wasn’t sure what to get, so I just said to myself, I’ll know when it is the right thing to get. That’s the first day that I played for South Africa against India – My debut against India, where I scored 60 or something,” du Plessis said in the video.

He has a tattoo on the opposite side of his body that shows a compass pointing towards Adelaide Oval, Adelaide. The place is where he first played in a test match. The date of his wedding and the day that he was baptized are also inscribed on the tattoo. In 2013, du Plessis wed his longtime girlfriend Imari van Visser. Right above it, there is an “Agape” tattoo, which means unconditional love.

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