Fashion and Workwear Harmony


For a long time, workwear has intrigued everyone in fashion. What started in the 19th century as functional clothing has slowly evolved over the decades into modish statements embraced by designers and retailers worldwide. While the term retains its conventional definition, it has gained new meaning.

The nature of one’s job often determines, similar to other countries, workplace dressing in Singapore to our local climate’s oppressive heat and humidity; many favour lightweight fabrics such as linen and silk that promote breathability and comfort. With the warm weather limiting opportunities for playful layering and outerwear, quality bags and shoes also tend to be the primary investments for the fashion-forward crowd. However, despite these challenges, many still see dressing up for work as an outlet for unabashed self-expression and individuality.

Spotlighting an array of personalities across various occupations, photographer Zilhanz Bin Affendi captures seven stylish profiles in their respective workspaces. Below, these trailblazers share insights on their workplace style, go-to shopping haunts and how their occupations influence their dress.

Zilhanz Bin Affendi
Zilhanz Bin Affendi

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