Gym Girl Unveils Her Powerful New Tattoo and Flexes Her Muscles

A GYM girl reveals how getting a new tattoo changes her workout routine.

Abby Markowski recorded a hilarious video of her flexing the body art.

Gym girl Abby Markowski made a hilarious video showing how a new tattoo can change her behavior
Abby Markowski, a gym girl from New York City, made a funny video to show how a tattoo can alter her behavior. Credit: TikTok/
She posted a skit where she shimmied closer and closer to the camera until the viewer couldn't help but acknowledge her new ink
She posted an improvised skit in which she moved closer to the camera until the viewer was forced to acknowledge her new tattoo. Credit: TikTok/

You can also learn more about TikToker Who can be found? posted a video clip showing how she gets to the gym With fresh ink

You can also learn more about the following: video Markowski enters the locker room ready for an intense workout.

She stunned in dusty purple high-waisted leggings and a white sports bra. Noise-canceling headphones kept her focused.

The viewer saw the ink on her arm wrapped in plastic after a few steps, but it wasn’t good enough for the personal trainer.

As she moved with the music, she pointed at the tattoo. She also shimmied towards the camera.

The camera captures a close-up of the butterfly drawing that covers a person’s facial features.

She almost shoved her new tattoo directly into the viewer’s face to attract attention.

Markowski’s fans thought the clip was funny and were obsessed with Markowski’s new tattoo.

One person replied with an emoji of a heart.

One person said she did the same thing when getting new tattoos.

One of Markowski’s followers said he was lucky because it would have become infected if he had gone to the gym immediately after getting his tattoo.

The TikToker replied, “I normally take two days of rest after a new tat!”

She continued to say that she did more relaxed workouts to sweat less and left the sterile wrap on for several days.

After the gym, wash it every time. She said.

Users were obsessed with the tattoo and got details on how she takes care of it
Credit: TikTok/

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