Harry Styles Fan in Tears Over Disappointing Fish Tattoo. Heartbreaking Reaction

Harry Styles’s fan was moved to tears when she saw a Harry Styles tattoo on her back.

Angela, a US customer, asked for a fish to swim in a kettle, based on a scene from the music video “Adore You.”

The young woman was sobbing in the car after seeing her tattoos for the first time.

She said in a TikTok clip, ‘I am ashamed to admit it was on my body at all.’

I lost it the moment I got it. It was partly my fault. I am such a people-pleaser. I saw it and thought, “Oh, my God, it’s beautiful.” You are amazing.

I was sobbing in the car.

Angela showed a two-minute clip of the result: a fish facing forward with pouting mouths swimming in a kettle.

Angela (pictured) wanted a tattoo dedicated to her favourite music artist Harry Styles
Angela (pictured), a fan of Harry Styles, wanted to get a tattoo in honor of her favorite musician.
She requested a fish swimming in a kettle inspired by Harry Styles' 'Adore You' music video (pictured)
She requested a picture of a fish in a pot, based on Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’ music video.

TLDR: if you go for a tattoo appointment and you’re not comfortable with the design you’re shown and the artist starts arguing with you that’s when you leave and don’t get tattooed by them… (I’ve had this thing for a year and in that time ive told maybe 4 people that it even exists because of how awful it is so please be gentle😂) #greenscreen #harrystyles #harrystylestiktok #adoreyou #adoreyouharrystyles #badtattoo #foxgate #eroda #adoreyoumv

♬ original sound – ang

She said, “This is what I have had to wear on my body the past year.”

Angela assured other fans that her reaction had nothing to do with Harry but resulted from the tattoo design itself.

She claims she sent the artist an image of a fish on the side, not the front.

Angela explained, “I messaged an illustrator and sent her the pictures… I explained I wanted to put a small fish in a pot of coffee, and she said, “No problem, see you in two weeks,” ‘.

“I arrived, and the first red flag was that the sketch wasn’t in black and gray shading as I had asked. It was half-done, blue and red.

“Second, it’s not what I requested.” After I politely asked her to change the photo to reflect mine, she argued with me.

On TikTok she shared an image of the design and was left with a front-facing fish with pouting lips swimming around in a kitchen kettle. 'This is what I had to live with on my body for the last year,' Angela said (tattoo pictured)
On TikTok, she shared a picture of the design. The result was a fish facing forward with pouting mouths swimming in a kitchen pot. Angela revealed that she had to wear the tattoo for a year.

Angela said the artist took her iPad and displayed a photo of an entirely different fish.

Angela claims she never saw the new design, even after the tattooist made the requested change.

She puts on the stencil and begins tattooing. Again, she asks, “Are You Ready?” Angela said, “I’m not sure,” I replied.

“And then she began shading without ever showing me how the shading looked.” I’m sure there were additional details, but I don’t know.

Angela’s follow-up video confirms she covered the horrible tattoo with a red rose.

Angela reassured other fans her reaction to the design had nothing to do with Harry, but with the tattoo itself
Angela reassured fans that her reaction to the tattoo was not to Harry but to the tattoo itself.

Other fans shared their 'successful' tattoos which were inspired by the same clip
Some fans have shared their successful tattoos’ inspired by the same clip.

She admitted that she was “100%” responsible for the problem.

She said: ‘At any time, I could have said “Actually, that’s not what I wanted” and still not found it.

“Just know that you should and can say no to a tattoo if it’s not something you love. Don’t put anything on your skin just because you are too afraid to tell someone that you do not like it.

The first clip was viewed 10 million times and received 1.6 million likes. Thousands were left in disbelief.

“There’s just no way!” Another joked that if anyone found my jaw lying on the ground, please let me be aware.

Why did she turn the fish so that it was facing forward? Third, asked.

‘I’m f****** WHEEZING, and I feel so bad about it, but it’s just making me laugh harder,’ another wrote.

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