Indian tattoo artist’s nude shoot creates a stir on social media

An Indian tattoo artist-athlete has created a social media phenomenon. Karan is known on Instagram as the Tattoographer. He has tattooed his entire body, had many body piercings and even had some parts of it modified. He shared a photo taken at Pangong Lake, Ladakh by the tattoo artist. His photos have gone viral online.

He captioned the photos, “Carefulness is an act of mediocre, not for you & I who steer out a path to carefulness! Oozing Charisma every square in! #Tattographer #TheOne & #Only in the #Universe”.

The post received comments from several social media users. One user wrote, “No words for this pic. You, bro, are amazing. Another user wrote, “You got to play in some kind of movie or something you look like a perfect villain”. Another user wrote, “All I see is a work of art in this pic”.

Karan traveled to Ladakh several years ago to spend some alone time. To find peace and serenity, he arrived at Pangong Lake. He made the decision to take his own nude photos. He set up the tripod and took many photographs.

He was recently asked by a media outlet which tattoo was his most favorite. It was hard for him to decide. “I have an eye made on my torso which has been made exactly like my dad’s eye, so that is something very special to me. Later I would like to add white details to my black tattoo. He stated that he had tattoed my body multiple times in order to get the perfect tone.

Karan also recognized Rishabh Nrang, a Chandigarh tattooist, for his head to-toe design. “Apart from all the body modification and inking of my eyeballs, my full bodysuit has been done by Rishabh Narang,” he added.

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