Ink Extravaganza and the 11th Annual New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festiva


Get ready for an electrifying experience as the hum of tattoo needles fills the air in New Plymouth later this month. The 11th annual New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival is all set to take place, bringing together more than 250 talented tattoo artists from around the world, ready to showcase their skills and creativity. This year’s festival promises to be a remarkable fusion of local and international tattooing talent, making it a must-visit event for all ink enthusiasts.

Organized by Brent Taylor, the New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival is returning to normalcy after the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Brent Taylor expresses his excitement for this year’s festival, saying, “We’ve secured a great lineup of artists, both homegrown and from around the world. We have people traveling from France, Italy, America, Asia, England, and Australia to come and tattoo at the festival.” This international presence underscores the global appeal of the festival and the art of tattooing.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival is the diversity of tattoo styles on display. From traditional designs to vibrant color work and lifelike realism, you can expect to witness a broad spectrum of artistic expression. Brent Taylor emphasizes the exceptional talent of all the artists, ensuring that the festival will celebrate tattoo artistry in its entire splendor.

What’s particularly exciting is the return of many artists who have been absent for a year or more due to the pandemic. Australian tattooer Matt Curzon is one such artist returning to the festival. Brent notes, “Many of the lineup consists of people who haven’t been to the festival for a few years. It’s good to have them all back.” This reunion of tattooing masters adds more anticipation to the event.

The New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival is not merely a place for getting inked; it’s also a platform for enjoying captivating entertainment. Popular street performer Koza Kaos, known for his extraordinary skills like juggling knives while climbing ladders, will return to the festival. Brent assures, “What he does is very impressive, and I’m sure people will be very entertained.” Koza Kaos’ incredible performances will undoubtedly add a thrilling dimension to the festival.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Both days of the festival will feature FMX and BMX shows, offering an adrenaline rush for the audience. If you want to indulge in retail therapy or savor delicious food, the festival covers you with various stalls and food trucks.

Music enthusiasts, get ready to groove to the beats! Summer Thieves will take the stage on Saturday night, supported by local bands like Broke from Stratford and Eden Ivory from New Plymouth. Supporting local talent has always been a priority for the festival organizers, ensuring that the event is not just about tattoos but also celebrates local culture and artistry. The Gatekeepers and Bulletbelt will also be performing during the day, and Auckland DJ Dan Aux will be spinning tracks in the bar area on both nights.

The New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival is a family-friendly event, offering affordability and entertainment for all. Sunday, in particular, is the perfect day to bring the kids, with an admission cost of just $30 for adults and free entry for children under 14. It’s an affordable day out that combines the excitement of tattoo art with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Don’t miss this incredible gathering of ink masters and art enthusiasts at the New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival. The event is not just about getting inked but a celebration of tattoo culture and artistry, embracing diversity in tattoo styles and global talent. So, mark your calendar for November 25th and 26th and head to TSB Stadium in New Plymouth to join this ink extravaganza. Tickets are available through Ticketek and for a chance to win a double pass, be sure to enter the giveaway before November 15th. It’s time to celebrate the art of tattoos and the incredible creativity it embodies.

Are you planning to attend the New Zealand Tattoo and Art Festival? Share your excitement and expectations in the comments below!

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