Jeopardy Contestant Makes a Statement with Rule-Inspired Tattoos

Recently, a champion has been spotted rocking some winning tattoos, but fans didn’t see them when she competed.

Holly Hassell, who tattooed a six-day champion on the episode last Wednesday, explained why she chose to cover up her tattoos.

Holly Hassell revealed Jeopardy! had supposed concerns about contestants showing off their tattoos
Holly Hassell revealed Jeopardy! Supposed concerns about contestants displaying their tattoosCredit: Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
She opened up to The U.S. Sun about the show's rules after beating the latest big winner Suresh Krishnan
She spoke to The U.S. Sun after she beat the latest big winner Suresh KumarCredit: ABC.

'They dont want you to [show them] - they're worried about copyright' - the contestant dished on her amazing ink
They don’t want you to [show them]. The contestant talked about her incredible ink. Credit: Twitter/hollyjhassel

Holly is an English professor from Fargo, North Dakota, who may have only won one Jeopardy! Holly is an English professor from Fargo, North Dakota, who may have only won one Jeopardy!

She beat six-day champ Suresh Krishnan after he had earned $98,000 and a ticket for September’s Ken-hosted Tournament of Champions.

Holly lost a game, and though she could not turn her win into an unbroken streak, she still had another bragging right.

After her appearance last week, she tweeted that she might be the most tattooed contestant in history.

Holly writes: “It was an amazing experience to be on #jeopardy.” The best day of my lifetime.

“I might not be the super-champ of Jeopardy, but I think I could qualify as a kind of Most Tattooed Jeopardy! Champion? Is there such a thing as a champion? “I’d love to run for it.”

In the attached image [above], Holly flashed an attractive smile while wearing a crop top. Her arms were completely covered with tattoos.

The right arm sleeve featured a shark from an underwater scene. The left arm sleeve displayed a triangular pattern explosion.

Holly’s Tweet received 700 Likes. Fans were amazed, as the tattoos of the contestant weren’t visible during her competition.

Former champions have endorsed the “Tattoos Jeopardy” wall calendar.

“I wish you had been able to compete with this shirt!” Write another.

Holly shared another photo of her back, a scene from Alice In Wonderland. She joked that she had missed a literary clue to the character’s name.


Holly told The U.S. Sun exclusively that she would have “never hesitated” to show off her great ink on stage, but she chose to cover up due to Jeopardy! Rules.

“They don’t want you to [show them],” she said.

Copyright is a concern for them.

“That’s a concern if you’ve got something on your skin that’s copyrighted. That’s going be a breach of something.”

“On my arm” [right] On the other side of the arm sleeve is a piece of original art. [by Meg Felix at Here and Now Tattoos] There are a few Dr. Seuss-inspired designs, and the remainder is Dr. Suess-inspired.

“I’m not sure if they did anything.

The studio itself is also freezing.

“So they were like: ‘You’re going to want your jacket on.'”


Holly explained to The U.S. Sun the significance behind her ink and how her literary references didn’t end there.

You’ll notice from the photos that my tattoo design philosophy also includes my love for sharks. (They hustle.) This is probably because I was a Gen Xer and watched Jaws too early.

“I also have three of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are by  Maurice Sendak on each side of my calves, which was my absolute favorite book as a kid.”

I like that children’s book illustrations allow me to combine my passion for body art with my love of reading and writing.

Speaking of sharks, Holly beating a multiday winner makes her what’s dubbed by die-hards as a “giant killer.”

Holly won against Suresh on June 14’s match without the help of Daily Doubles but by maintaining the highest score going into Final Jeopardy and betting small on the triple-stumper clue.

Holly revealed during an interview that she plays in a rock group with other English Teachers.

They wrote a song about Emma Boettcher, who, coincidentally, took down James Holzhauer on game 33 in 2019 – making her the epitome of “giant killers.”

Emma sent me an email! She congratulated me, recognized our song, and said, ‘I can still sing the chorus.’

“I am so impressed by her.”


A contestant recently told about the rules for wardrobe in terms of competing.

Clothing recommendations are included in our pre-show documentation.

Avoid clothing with busy patterns; avoid all-white tops and olive-colored tops.”

Mattea, the Master’s runner-up, is also no stranger to tattoos.

They have about nine tattoos. Two cowboys are on their arms and have matching lyrics to knee songs.

Holly dished that Jeopardy! has a 'concern if you have something on your body that's copyrighted' - 'But also the studio is really cold!' so she kept covered up
Holly said that Jeopardy! She is ‘concerned if something on your skin is copied.’ ‘But the studio’s cold too!’ So she covered herself credit: Twitter/hollyjhassel
Other tatted Jeopardy! contestants include 23-time winner and Masters runner-up Mattea Roach
Other tatted Jeopardy! Mattea Rodach, 23-time winner of the Masters and runner-up in that event. Photo credit: Getty
Mattea had to tell producers that their upper arm tattoo of two cowboys wasn't NSFW while competing in May's Masters tournament
Mattea was forced to explain that his upper arm tattoo depicting two cowboys, which he had while competing in the Master’s tournament of May, wasn’t NSFW. Credit: Twitter/mattearoach

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