Katy Perry’s Unique Tattoo Tradition and The Story of Flying Tattoo Artists


Finding a tattoo artist who resonates with your style and vision can be challenging. When you finally discover that perfect artist, you’ll go to great lengths to have your ink masterfully crafted. After all, a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and trust in your artist is paramount. But what happens when you’re a global superstar like Katy Perry and your preferred tattoo artist is based in a different city? Well, you make them fly to you.

Katy Perry, known for her chart-topping hits and unique style, recently took her commitment to tattoos to an entirely new level. Instead of visiting her favorite tattoo artist in their usual Los Angeles location, Katy brought the artist to her. Tattoo artist Liz Kim, based in the City of Angels, soared above the clouds to ink Katy and her team in Las Vegas.

Liz Kim, a talented tattoo artist at 31, typically plies her trade in Los Angeles, California. However, she posted on her Instagram about her journey to Las Vegas to celebrate the conclusion of Katy Perry’s residency at Resorts World Las Vegas. This trip wasn’t just an ordinary visit but a gathering of ink and artistry that marked the end of a significant chapter in Katy Perry’s career.


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Liz Kim shared insights into this unique tattooing adventure, explaining that Katy Perry and her team provided reference photos for the design. They had a specific concept in mind: a mushroom. The mushroom theme was not just a random choice; it held significance as it tied to Perry’s residency and made for a delightful and meaningful tattoo.

The video shared on Liz Kim’s Instagram showcased the mushroom tattoos in various styles and placements, from wrists to behind the ears. It was clear that this endeavor was more than just a routine tattoo session; it was a celebration of creativity and artistry.

To make this extraordinary experience even more memorable, Liz Kim was not alone on her journey to Las Vegas. She was accompanied by her friend and fellow tattoo artist, Shannon Elliott. Together, they worked harmoniously to ink the designs, ensuring each tattoo became a lasting memento of the event.

Katy Perry gets tattooed. Credit: Instagram / lizlizkimkim
Katy Perry gets tattooed. Credit: Instagram / lizlizkimkim

As Liz Kim put it, “It’s not every day you get flown out somewhere to tattoo that many people, let alone a superstar and the people who help run the show.” This statement reflects this tattoo tradition’s unique nature and the event’s magnitude. It was a testament to music and artistry’s impact on people’s lives.

Katy Perry herself shared insights into this intriguing tradition. For her, bringing a tattoo artist to her shows and events is a “tradition” and “a little bit of a ritual.” These commemorative tattoos are not just decorative; they are crafted to reflect the show’s essence and serve as a reminder of the extraordinary moments that took place on stage. It’s a way for the team behind the scenes to have a piece of the magic they helped create.

The mushroom tattoo. Credit: Instagram / lizlizkimkim
The mushroom tattoo. Credit: Instagram / lizlizkimkim

Interestingly, Katy Perry’s husband, Orlando Bloom, is no stranger to using tattoos to commemorate significant events. Bloom, known for his role in Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings,” along with other Fellowship of the Ring members, had the word ‘Nine’ tattooed in the fictional Tengwar script. This ink symbolized their shared journey in bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic to life and solidified their bond as a fellowship.

In the world of celebrities, tattoos take on a unique and profound meaning. They become more than body art; they symbolize experiences, memories, and personal journeys. Katy Perry’s tradition of flying tattoo artists to her events exemplifies the power of tattoos to encapsulate the magic of the moment and provide a tangible connection to the past.

In a world where convenience often reigns supreme, Katy Perry’s unconventional approach to tattoos demonstrates that when it comes to art, expression, and commemoration, some experiences are worth traveling for. Tattoo artists like Liz Kim are pivotal in translating emotions and stories into ink, ensuring that every design tells a unique tale.

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