Kid Cudi Unveils Stunning Moon Man Figurine Tattoo and A Symbol of Artistic Expression

Kid Cudi has revealed his back tattoo for the first time without removing his shirt.

Solo Dolo posted a picture of a mini figurine of himself on Facebook. The topless figure shows Cudi singing into the microphone. But what stands out is the vast tattoo that Solo Dolo claims to be accurate on its back.

Moon Man is the same cartoon that Cudi used to promote his album. Man on the Moon Box set trilogy. The album was released in 2009. It was designed by New York artist and sculptor KAWS as the cover for the six-LP set.

The Cleveland native, originally from Ohio, said, “Yes, that’s my real back tattoo.”  I’ve had it for months. Here’s a little sneak peek.”

Kid Cudi wants to turn the sample figure into a collection that includes him in various poses and outfits. The detail of the images shared is fantastic, and the replica would have been easily mistaken as real Cudi had it not been on a kitchen countertop.

This is just a test for some of the figurines I am making. I have a lot of different poses and fits. The detail is fantastic. I was blown away by this when I saw it for the first time. “Truly mind-blowing,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fans were equally impressed by the uncanny resemblance. One Twitter user responded: “Lmfao, I thought it was you. That’s cool!” Another exclaimed: “Yoooo!” That’s wild! “So realistic, lmao!”

Another user commented: “I was under the impression that you were living with a cheetah for a moment.”

It’s not the first time a Hip Hop artist was replicated as a doll. Travis Scott, MF DOOM (to name a couple), Playboi Cari, Nas, J Dilla, and Ghostface Killah have all been mini-mes.

Regarding music, the Lonely Stoner recently returned with “Porsche Topless,” the first single from his upcoming ninth — and possibly final — album Insano.

“I have never created a project as powerful in my life.” Cudi, on Instagram Live, said that the album would move people. “You’re going to fuck this shit up in a major manner, and I’m so excited,” Cudi said on Instagram Live earlier this year.

He continued: “I just want to come on here and let you all know that I’m not going to let ya’ all down. This album will be the best of the year, and I am not playing. This is not a joke. “Tell everyone you fucking know, okay?”

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