Lisbon City Council Transforms Iconic Sidewalks into Real Tattoos

From the cobblestone sidewalks to people’s skin, Lisbon has just got its tattoos. Lisbon City Council, in collaboration with tattoo artists, created the LX Tattoos. This project aims to value one of the city’s most important symbols, showing how Lisbon leaves a ‘mark’ on people, whether they’re proud locals or fascinated visitors.

The symbols are imprinted on major Lisbon squares (Rosio, Restauradores, Imperial Square). After a six-month research and inventory work, the project highlights the main sidewalks designs that now can live on people’s skin, giving a new angle to Lisbon’s history.

LX Tattoos was created by six renowned tattoo artists. Dave Santos, Douglas Cardoso, Gonçalo Santos, Igor Gama, Inês Gonçalves, and Miguel Brum were challenged to reinterpret iconic sidewalks. Lisbon tattoo shops can help you take Lisbon forever.

The tattoo designs are printed on limestone paper and then covered in hardcover that also acts as a sidewalk laying mold. The project is available on a website and Instagram profile. Many other activities take place throughout the year.

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LX Tattoos was a Lisbon City Council Project. It is supported by the Portuguese Sidewalk Association and tattoo artist, Arca Tattoo Parlour. Casa Tigre, Boa Hora Studio, and Casa Tigre are all part of the project. Creativity from Leo Burnett Lisboa and Media from Zenith, as well as production from Flesh 52.

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