Luke Combs Sketches Unconventional Tattoo Design at Concert for an Enthusiastic Fan

Hang it in the Louvre.

Of course, we all know Luke Combs is a fantastic artist, with his string of about a hundred songs that have hit #1, including his most recent chart-topper with his cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.”

But apparently, the guy can also draw, too…well, kind of.

A fan at Luke’s recent show at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia recently decided to test Luke’s drawing ability, holding up a sign asking the superstar to draw him a picture.

And Luke happily obliged.

It looks like the sign says something like, “Luke, will you draw my first tattoo?” so, presumably, this guy was hoping to get a custom-designed tattoo from Luke that he would get inked somewhere on his body.

Luke even asked the fan what he wanted him to draw, but he left it up to the country star to decide what he wanted to create.

But Luke had an idea of what he wanted to draw:

“I could just put a big ass set of titties on there.”

And that’s exactly what he drew – even labeling his drawing in case it wasn’t clear what they were supposed to be (it was clear).


stood through a 2 hour rain delay for @Luke Combs to draw me boobies? worth it. #fyp #lukecombs #philadelphia #countrymusic #country #loveyouanyway

♬ original sound – Frankie

A masterpiece. Not only will this guy have a custom-drawn tattoo of a pair of breasts, hand-drawn by Luke Combs, but a Luke Combs original drawing of a “big ass set of titties” has to be worth something.

We can only hope the guy goes through with the tattoo.

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