Mom Honors Teen Daughter on Anniversary of Tragic Death with Memorial Tattoo


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — In a heartfelt tribute, Angie Hauler, a mother of five, commemorated the anniversary of her 14-year-old daughter Abbie’s tragic death with a poignant memorial tattoo. Abbie passed away on December 19, a year ago, due to a rare complication—a blood clot to the heart caused by Influenza A.

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Last month, Angie Hauler’s search for a last-minute tattoo appointment on the anniversary caught the community’s attention. Numerous tattoo artists expressed condolences and offered to complete the tattoo in Abbie’s memory.

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“People saw the story and were reaching out, saying they are thinking of me and how sorry they are to hear about it. There were so many tattoo artists that said they could do it that day,” shared Hauler.

After careful consideration, Angie decided to entrust Mark Sumner of Inked Up Tattoo Studio on West Broad Street with the emotional task. Sumner volunteered to complete the memorial tattoo on December 19, offering his services for free after learning about Angie’s story from his grandfather.

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“I heard about it through my grandfather. He called me like, ‘Have you seen this news article?'” recalled Sumner.

Hauler, determined to raise awareness about the rare complication that claimed her daughter’s life, aims to educate others about the potential dangers of blood clots forming from the flu—a fact she was unaware of until after Abbie’s passing.

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“I hope I get closure and peace by getting this tattoo today. Maybe I won’t feel as angry, although I still feel angry,” Hauler expressed. “I want to make sure that nobody goes through this. No parent has to go through this.”

The memorial tattoo, an hour and a half in the making, incorporates a ladybug, Abbie’s handwriting, and her thumbprints—forever etched onto Angie’s skin.

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“I think if she were here, she would laugh at me. She’d make me laugh and just be goofy like she always is. This means a lot to me on this day.”

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Angie expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from the tattoo artist community and affirmed her contentment with the choice of Inked Up Tattoo Studio for this deeply personal tribute.

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