New Tattoo Studio Set to Open in Bridport: Here’s What to Expect

Dorset Council approved the change in use of 50 South Street, near the zebra crosswalk, formerly used by estate agents.

Stand Proud Tattoo, a local business owned by Mr. Phil Gibbs in Chancery Lane has received a planning permit.

He told the council that he had been doing business in his locality for 13 years.

“The shop will consist of two artist areas with a small waiting area. All shop installations will be performed to a high standard and conform to current hygiene standards. Once the studio is completed, it will be registered by the local health officials with whom we work closely to maintain current regulations. Both artists are registered with local health departments. They have years of experience in the industry. Our trading hours run from 11 am-6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Having grown up in Bridport and being in the tattoo industry for around 15/16 years, I aim to continue to provide a high quality and professional service to the local area and bring new clients to the area,” said Mr. Gibbs in his application.

Residents of Bridport, and other nearby villages, wrote in support of the application. The town council also supported it.

Said one: “As someone who has a passion for art and has some tattoos myself, I fully believe that the addition of a tattoo shop in the high street would greatly benefit the town. Like other towns like Weymouth or Dorchester, Bridport should be excited to have such a shop on the main street. Not only for the opportunity to have some great, local artists doing their own very skilled work but also for the fact that Bridport needs some diversity and not just your typical town with coffee shops, pubs, and your other ordinary run-of-the-mill shops.”

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