Post Malone Immortalizes Apex Legends with Octane Funko Autograph

Post Malone’s latest tattoo took an unexpected twist, revealing that he is a fan of the fast-paced Marvel Snap card game.

An image has recently surfaced showing Post Malone – renowned rapper, singer, and songwriter – engrossed in a round of Marvel Snap, even while getting a new tattoo.

Marvel Snap by Second Dinner is an innovative digital collectable cards game in which players build 12-card sets and compete to dominate three locations. The key to winning is strategic thinking and understanding each card’s energy costs and power levels.

Post Malone’s image getting inked revealed his Marvel Snap skills. Observant gamers have noted that his game collection contains some variant card artwork, which is a good sign that he isn’t just a casual user but a dedicated enthusiast who has unlocked many cards.

Fans were already aware that Post Malone loved gaming, especially card games. Post Malone is a Magic: The Gathering expert who collaborated with Wizards of the Coast, Magic Streaming, and other Magic-related channels.

His Magic: The Gathering adventures have led to some memorable moments. For example, he was included in the Game Knights Series or spent $800k on a Black Lotus signed by Christopher Rush. He also turned his passion into a competitive game when he hosted an expensive Magic: The Gathering match, where he put up $100,000 to the winner in 2022.

Post Malone has a wide range of interests, not just card games. Post Malone is well-known for his love of video games. He has been seen playing Apex Legends with Aceu, xQc and others.

Post Malone’s appreciation for video game soundtracks extends beyond his gaming.

Post Malone has once again shown that he’s a gamer and an artist.

We hope to see the artist’s future Marvel Snap Challenge of $100k.

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