Revealed Unraveling the Intriguing Narratives Behind Rey Mysterio’s Tattoos

Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio, or Rey Mysterio (better known as him), has spent over three decades inside the squared circle. Rey has earned a name for himself by emerging as one of the greatest luchadors in history. Despite being 48 years old (as of now, the latest update of this article), the agility he showcases in the ring is unmatched. 

One of the most striking features of Rey Mysterio is his numerous tattoos and the meaning behind them. The WWE Hall Of Famer has his arms and torso fully covered with tattoos. However, the most intriguing feature of his personality is the story behind each tattoo. Let us learn what significance each of his tattoos has in his life. 

How many tattoos does Rey Mysterio have? 

Body Art Guru says Rey Mysterio has a tattoo count of 37. These tattoos cover his hands, back, front, and legs and are quite visible to everyone. Rey has a spine and vertebrae tattoo that runs from his neck to the end of his back. The tattoo symbolizes his back’s strength, being a part of the professional wrestling industry. 

Rey Mysterio shows pride in his culture with his tattoos
Rey Mysterio shows pride in his culture with his tattoos (Credits: WWE)

Another prominent artwork that is represented on Rey Mysterio’s body is the Aztec calendar that he has on his chest. “It’s essential to me. That’s who I am,” said Rey about the tattoo. Being a Mexican-American star, the luchador is proud of his culture. This also led him to get ‘MEXICAN’ inked on his stomach. 

Many of Rey Mysterio’s tattoos are dedicated to his close ones.

While the luchador may seem harsh from the outside, he always carries the love of his close ones. Rey has multiple tattoos dedicated to his close ones. He has carved his wife’s name, ‘ANGIE’, on his left shoulder. He also has two skulls printed on his calf, which, when joined, completes a heart. The tattoo “represents me and my wife – till death do us part,” said Rey. 

Rey Mysterio has tattoos dedicated to his Angie (left) Eddie (top right) and Aliyah and Dominik (bottom right)Rey Mysterio has tattoos dedicated to his close ones (Credits: Body Art Guru, WhatCulture, The Sportster)

The WWE Hall Of Famer also has an ‘RA’ on his right arm, signifying his better half’s initials and his own. He also has his children’s names inked on his body. ‘DOMINIK‘ (his son) is visible on the inner side of his left bicep, and ‘AALYAH’ (his daughter) on the right bicep. Rey has dedicated space on his left forearm for his beloved friend Eddie Guerrero and has got ‘EG’ and ‘GUERRERO LATINO’ inked in his memory. 

Do Rey Mysterio’s tattoos bring him out as a religious person? 

Rey Mysterio is a God-fearing man, clearly evident with his tattoos. There are multiple cross tattoos on his body. He also has rosary beads inked along with a cross. His wrists are the place for ‘MAN MADE’ ‘BY GOD,’ which symbolizes that “All the success and triumph that I’ve had in this world has been because of Him,” claims Rey Mysterio. 

A little fan of his revealed that she prayed for him each day and handed him the prayer. The act moved Rey deeply, and he got the prayer inked on his stomach. All these symbols bring him out as a religious person with immense faith in the power of the Almighty. 

Rey Mysterio's prayer (left) and 619 tattoo (right)Rey Mysterio’s prayer and 619 tattoos (Credits: The Sportster, Pinterest)

Last but not least, he has a 619 on his left forearm signifying his signature move inside the ring. Apart from these, other tattoos include – a crown, dove, high five, ‘DARLING,’ spider web, tribal design, ‘1995,’ wings, and ‘1975’ are the other tattoos one can find on his body. This reveals how much Rey Mysterio is connected to things that have happened in his life so far. Which of the tattoos of Rey do you like the most do let us know in the comments.  

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